Seth Rogen's mom tweeted about an awkward yoga experience and hilariously embarrassed her son

Seth Rogen's mom tweeted about an awkward yoga experience and hilariously embarrassed her son

It just comes with the territory: moms are embarrassing - and more often than not - they're actually out to make us cringe. I mean, if you pushed a watermelon-sized object out of yourself, you'd probably feel entitled to ruin its life from time to time too.

Seth Rogen's mother Sandy is no different. Ms Rogen has a Twitter account, and she makes sure to utilise it to its full potential - you know, by posting her thoughts and feelings, promoting her son's work, and of course to talk about the problem that is see-through leggings in yoga class. What more could we expect, eh?

Yes, Seth Rogen's mother took to Twitter to address a phenomenon that women face on a regular basis: overly revealing pants. Naturally, her son was mortified.

"In yoga when you can see the very private parts of the woman in front of you through her pants , should you tell her?" Sandy wrote. "Maybe the person behind me can see the outline of my private parts. Dilemma."

And in the face of any embarrassment he was or wasn't experiencing, Seth Rogen quote-tweeted his mother to add his own thoughts on the matter at hand - and it was simply: "Jesus mom."

This prompted Seth's mother to take to her keyboard once more to defend her initial tweet. "Well it was real and I wonder if she really would have wanted her ' hoo hoo' so obvious," she replied.

Fair enough. I'm sure some people would want to be informed if they were inadvertently flashing half of their yoga class whilst in downward facing dog. But would the majority of us be able to deal with the sheer humiliation? It's another dilemma, to be sure.

But irrespective of where you fall in this debate, the people of Twitter were all for Seth and his mom's adorable relationship, with some even chiming in with jokes of their own.

"I think an ambiguous hoo hoo is actually worse," one social media user quipped, while another added, "Ambiguous Hoo Hoo is Donald Glover’s other alias."

Some moms found Sandy's tweet all too relatable - because they also love trolling their kids.

But regardless, we're all going to be following Seth Rogan's mother now...

Well, how's that for parenting goals?