Shopper gargles mouthwash, spits it back, then returns the bottle to shelf

Shopper gargles mouthwash, spits it back, then returns the bottle to shelf

When you purchase a product from a store, generally speaking, you expect it to be unused. This is especially the case when it comes to products designed for consumption like food and drink.

It's for this reason that people have been outraged by a clip of a Walmart shopper gargling mouthwash before returning it to the shelf.

The footage appeared online on Wednesday and features a woman named Bameron Nicole Smith picking up a bottle of mouthwash before saying: "Girl, it has been one musty f**king morning."

To see the clip that's got everyone talking, check out the video below:

After taking a drink of the blue Listerine, she gargles it in her mouth, spits it back into the bottle, and says: "Mmm, nice and minty and fresh".

She captioned the clip "you bitches with no oral hygiene could take a hint", and at the time of writing, it has been viewed over 16 million times.

These are some reactions to the clip on Twitter:

Walmart has since responded to the incident, telling the Daily Mail that they were investigating.

"We are investigating this incident," a spokesperson said on Friday. "If someone tampers with a product and leaves it on the shelf, we will work with law enforcement to identify and prosecute those found responsible to the fullest extent of the law."

This video, however, is not an isolated incident and appears to be a new take on a viral challenge which sees people eat ice cream from supermarket shelves without buying the product, as cited by Pop Buzz.

Food tampering is classed as a felony in the US and those caught doing it can be subject to up to 20 years behind bars.

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