The ads for Ashley Graham's new swimwear line are gloriously untouched paparazzi shots and they're stunning

The ads for Ashley Graham's new swimwear line are gloriously untouched paparazzi shots and they're stunning

With diversity beginning to be championed in previously conservative fields, it appears that the people who promote alternative beauty ideals are finally being given their dues. Certainly, Ashley Graham has been making waves in the fashion industry since the early Noughties, and now she's on track to be the first plus-sized supermodel. Earlier this year, she was the first plus-sized model to make it onto Forbes' annual list of the highest-earning models in 2017, and it doesn't look as if her star is going to burn out anytime soon.

Now, the 30-year-old has launched her Summer 2018 swimwear collection for size-inclusive retailer Swimsuits For All. But rather than promoting the line with editorial images, she used un-retouched paparazzi images of herself in a campaign dubbed the "Power of Paparazzi".

Speaking about what inspired the shoot, Graham told InStyle "When shooting this campaign in Miami, the paparazzi began following us and taking pictures. Looking at their photos sparked an idea, ‘Why not use their photos as the campaign images?' These raw and unedited images would remind women that they are 'flawless' in their own right and that they already have the perfect beach body!"

"Of course it's daunting knowing the paparazzi may have captured an unflattering photo, but I remind myself that being authentic is beautiful, and I have nothing to hide when it comes to my body because I know it's changing people's lives," the model continued.

Inspired by 1920's Art Deco design, the nine-piece collection features everything from a black one-piece with criss-cross strapping to a bikini with gold beaded embellishments - however, each item within the range was designed with Graham's philosophy in mind: "being authentic is beautiful."

The swimwear collection, which is available now from Swimsuits For All, comes in sizes 4 to 22 and ranges in price from $102-120.

The Lincoln, Nebraska native has been a passionate advocate for body positivity in recent years. "You have to continue to talk about it," Graham said in an interview with US Weekly. "I have always believed that skin colour is not a trend, age is not a trend, and my size is not a trend. And that’s why I believe that right now, this can’t be a trend—if our voices are heard loud and clear, it won’t be."

Going on to stress that she's one of the few models representing a majority market, Graham stated:

"Sixty-seven percent of the women in America wear a size 14 or larger, sixty-seven percent. Maybe you could ignore those consumers before, but now, thanks to social media, they’re making their voices heard. Women are demanding that brands give them what they want. And what they want is to be visible."

Well, Ashley Graham's collection for Swimsuits For All certainly is gorgeous, but what's even better is the sentiment behind it. Good for you, Ashley!