The internet has only just found out Blake Lively's real name

The internet has only just found out Blake Lively's real name

Blake Lively is a woman of many talents. Not only does she regularly star in Hollywood blockbusters, but she also manages to juggle raising her two young daughters, while inspiring us all with her sartorial stylings. Oh - and how could we forget - she and Ryan Reynolds are the very stuff of #CoupleGoals.

Despite both being A-listers, the pair managed to overlook each other until 2010, when they worked on the DC superhero flick, Green Lantern. They were "just friends" for a few years before marrying in 2012 in a top-secret wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. And now, after the birth of their two adorable daughters, three-year-old James and one-year-old Ines, Reynolds and Lively appear to be more in love than ever.

And we would know all about that, wouldn't we? The pair regularly troll each other on social media, and it's hilarious. 

It began began last year, when Reynolds took to Instagram to post a loving ode to Blake on her 30th birthday. "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife," he captioned a photograph of himself and Lively. However, the actor couldn't miss an opportunity to roast his wife, and proceeded to crop the image until it was mostly of him... with a tiny bit of Blake.

What we're not too sure about, however, is Blake Lively's actual name... Yes, it appears that the 30-year-old has been keeping a little secret all these years, and it's that she was actually born Blake Ellender Brown, not Blake Lively. The actress reportedly chose to take her mother's surname when she started getting work as an actress - and yeah, I guess "Lively" would stand out more than "Brown" in an industry that is as competitive as showbiz.

The story behind it is rather lovely too. Blake's father, Ernie Brown, proved to be a class-A feminist by breaking with tradition and opting to take the surname of his wife, Elaine Lively, on their wedding day.

But when Blake was born, she was legally registered as Blake Brown, and was referred to as Blake Brown by school authorities and state officials, until she followed in her father's footsteps and adopted the Lively name several years later.

How's that for some celebrity trivia, eh?

In other, Lively-Reynolds news, the actress recently opened up about one of the reasons why her marriage to Ryan Reynolds is so successful, and it has something to do with understanding how "bizarre" the entertainment industry is. "In general, it's nice to have someone who understands what you're doing," she said on a segment of Good Morning America. "Especially because our job is so weird—you have to be 'married' to other people, it's all so strange. It's never normal, even when you're both doing it."

Well, there you have it, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's relationship really is as perfect as it seems. I guess it gives us singletons hope that we too can find as great a match one day.