The internet is convinced Kim Kardashian Photoshopped North West's stomach in this photo

The internet is convinced Kim Kardashian Photoshopped North West's stomach in this photo

Kim Kardashian - known for her prominent posterior, as well as her family's dominance over social media writ large - has done it again.

And by that, I mean incited the ire of the internet.

The 38-year-old often comes under fire from fans who call her out for suspected Photoshop fails. But this time, the criticism stems from a photo of her five-year-old daughter, North West, that has purportedly been altered.

Kim recently took to Instagram to share a photograph of herself, North and Saint West from their trip to Bali. But soon after it went up, the Instagram account, @fakegirlsfvckya, accused the beauty mogul of slimming down her daughter's stomach.

However, the Daily Mail spoke to a source close to Kim who insists that the image Kim posted was, in fact, taken from a fan site, so if anyone did any Photoshopping, it wasn't her.

"Kim sometimes reposts images from her fan sites...this was one of those times. The paparazzi photo was altered via the fan site," the insider said, before adding that Kim "Would never Photoshop North to alter her weight.”

The last snap to rile up Kim's fans was a shot from a KKW Beauty campaign, which Kim starred in alongside her youngest daughter, Chicago West.

Per Hollywood Life, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's fans were convinced that her right arm had been edited, pointing out that there was a slight curvature just above her breast.

And in another KKW Beauty campaign, Kim was slammed for allegedly editing her most famous asset. When she shared a promotional picture from her Flashing Lights collection, which was shot by David LaChapelle, the comments section quickly became quite the minefield.

The image sees her sitting on a gold metal stool in a latex nude bodysuit holding a cabinet of makeup, alongside model Quinten Barnard. "@david_lachapelle for @kkwbeauty wearing GOLD Big Bank & Rollie available now at," reads the caption.

Social media users pointed out that her bottom looked considerably smaller than usual, leading them to question whether she had Photoshopped the image - or "photochopped" it as many fans have taken to calling the process.

"The Photoshop is strong in this one", one Instagram user wrote, while another added, "Photochopped butt".

A third commented, "Crazy how they photoshopped yr fake butt to make it smaller. What an oxymoron [sic]".

Some of Kim's fans came to her defence, however. "Y'all actin like so many other famous ppl(which y'all love) don't photoshop their pics. She still making more money than all of y'all. Leave her alone," one wrote, while another corroborated "OMG everyone needs to chill…So people hate how she had her butt done, but now they hate her butt looks smaller."
Either way, Kim's efforts to drive sales to her new beauty campaign seems to have been missed in this instance.