The Simpsons predicted Daenerys Targaryen's plot twist in 'Game of Thrones' two years ago

The Simpsons predicted Daenerys Targaryen's plot twist in 'Game of Thrones' two years ago

Warning: This article will contain spoilers from Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones!

Us Game of Thrones fans spend hours carefully calculating what we think the show's next big twist will be - but how often do we get it right?

After all, every one of us had an inkling that Daenerys was going the way of her father, but who could have predicted that she'd burn every innocent townsperson in King's Landing to ash without even blinking?

The Simpsons - that's who. After penultimate episode of the hit HBO show 'The Bells' aired on Sunday, people online were quick to point out that Matt Groening had done the impossible yet again and predicted the future!

Check out The Simpsons' incredible Game of Thrones intro here:

In a 2017 episode named 'The Serfsons,' our favourite yellow family went back to medieval times in what was named a "Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons mashup extravaganza".

There, they lived as the Serfson family, a peasant clan that encounters magic necklaces, 'ice walkers' and, most importantly, dragons.

After Marge's mother, Jacqueline Bouvier, is found suffering with progressive frozen mortification after being bitten by an ice walker - which converts the victim's flesh to ice in the span of a week - the family take matters into their own hands and try to raise money to help.

They've done it again! Watch the 2017 Simpsons episode that foresaw the Mad Queen's actions:

Lisa attempts to assist her grandmother by magically converting lead into gold, but is soon arrested. To help her, Homer rallies the town's peasants into revolt and, incredibly, the peasants defeat King Quimby's wizards - only to face a dragon.

After Jacqueline sacrifices herself to defeat the beast, it is revealed that the animal was the source of all magic in the kingdom, including all magical creatures.

Homer decides to light coals in an attempt to revive the creature, but the last scene of the episode shows the dragon burning the entire village down... much like a certain Mad Queen we all know!

Watch the trailer for the final Game of Thrones episode ever here:

Has anyone ever considered the fact that Matt Groening might actually be the Red Lady? With all of these completely accurate predictions, in all honesty, it's getting a little spooky.

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