This ASOS model's swimsuit pictures went viral over the weekend

This ASOS model's swimsuit pictures went viral over the weekend

Many of us have experienced the disappointment of ordering something online, paying for express shipping with hopeful excitement, only to try on the clothes at home and peer in the mirror thinking "this looks nothing like how it looked online". While the clothes themselves are usually wonderfully diverse, the models rarely are, meaning that if you've got bigger boobs, short legs, a plump tummy or a darker skin tone, you can only guess at what the clothes will look like on you.

But over the weekend, the internet rejoiced after they came across some pictures from ASOS's swimwear range that featured a plus-sized black model flaunting a vivid yellow halter-neck bikini. British model, Vivian Eyo-Ephraim, modelled the two-piece, and she's positively glowing. A body positivity blogger shared the pictures of Vivian, which attracted over 32,000 likes and 8,000 retweets.

People commented on the tweet with praise for the photos, pointing out how gorgeous and happy Vivian looked while also saying that it inspired them with confidence too.

Soon enough, everyone else was sharing pictures of Vivian and the yellow bikini, applauding both the model and ASOS for being one of the first retailers to use a plus-sized black woman in their mainstream product photos.

After the flood of mentions and comments all over social media, Vivan took to Instagram to share the promo video of the swimsuit. "Man of the Matchh," she wrote in the caption. "Thank you ALLLL so much for the messages, the likes, the comments, the retweets, everything!!! I’m truly appreciative, shocked, excited & cannot wait to represent more women & make everyone even more proud." She rounded off the tweet with the hashtag #CELEBRATEMYSIZE.

The model spoke to Metro about the pictures and the importance of including more diverse body types in promotional images.

"The world is a very diverse place and it’s important that consumers see brands representing and recognizing all ethnicities, shapes and sizes," she said. "We want to see ourselves represented and celebrated and recognized. I think it’s incredibly important to start re-defining what is the norm, and start celebrating our individuality."

In recent years, ASOS has made an effort to represent greater body diversity and celebrate natural beauty, having launched its 'Curve' line of clothing around five years ago and last year announcing they would stop airbrushing models in their photos. A few weeks ago they also revealed they were planning on rolling out a feature where the same item of clothing would be shown on models with different body types.

Working with the brand was exciting for the model, who is still relatively new to the modelling industry:

"The modeling world is still so new to me, to see the amazing support and response from a job I did is just incredible, I couldn’t be more grateful to ASOS and Bridge for taking a chance on me and allowing me to show the world that everybody is beautiful, no matter what their shape, size or ethnicity."

The London-based model signed with plus-sized modelling agency Bridge only seven months ago and is already making waves. Overwhelmed with the mentions and adoring shout-outs over the weekend, Vivian thanked everyone for the support over Instagram, writing "I’ve had THE Besttt Easter & can only be thankful to God & every single one of you!!! All the messages, comments, likes, shares! THANK YOU".

If all it took was a set of photos in a yellow bikini to stir the internet, there's no doubt this model – and those just like her – have great things ahead of them.