This is the one thing Jennifer Lopez does every morning to stay in such great shape

This is the one thing Jennifer Lopez does every morning to stay in such great shape

Either Jennifer Lopez has a dramatically ageing portrait locked away in her attic, or you know, she takes incredibly good care of herself.

Certainly, while we'd like to chalk it down to just winning the genetic lottery - you know, to spare us from doing any hard work - it appears that J-Lo follows some pretty intense regimens to conserve her fountain of youth. Yes, though she may be from the block, her diet and exercise routines are anything but.

Speaking to InStyle, Lopez revealed that she never skips a workout, and that she ensures it's completed in the morning.

"I like to work out in the morning. It loosens me up, gets me ready for the day, and keeps me strong," the 49-year old asserted.

"I’m convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy. I really believe that when you take care of yourself and work to stay healthy, you’re better able to take care of those you love."

Lopez also opened up about how, over the course of her career, she helped pave the way for greater representation and acceptance of curvier body types.

"So many people have come up to me over the years—famous people, people I meet on the street, fans, everybody—and they say that very thing: “Thank you so much. I have the same type of body. I used to think I was fat, but now I feel beautiful.” My generation was very much focused on size 0 models. It was just so unattainable for most normal people, including me. My mom and my grandmother were the ones who drilled into me, “This is how we are, and this is what’s beautiful.” My dad loved my mom’s body—all the men in our family loved the women’s bodies. Being curvy or not being 6 feet tall was never a bad thing; it was actually something that was celebrated. And so, later on, when I brought that in front of the world, I wasn’t really trying to send a message. I was just being myself," she told the publication.

"[My curves] didn’t bother me at all. But I got a lot of flak for it from people in the industry. They’d say, 'You should lose a few pounds,' or 'You should do this or do that.' It finally got to the point that I was like, 'This is who I am. I’m shaped like this.' Everybody I grew up with looked like that, and they were all beautiful to me. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I still don’t!"

And speaking about what she wants to teach her daughter, Emme, J-Lo stated;

"The one thing I really want to teach her is to love and respect herself first and to make sure she commands respect from others. Social media—it’s fun and social, but at the end of the day you’re living in real time, where you have a core group of friends and family. I try to get her to focus on the things that matter: being a good person, friend, and daughter, being happy with herself, and doing the things she loves. She’s an artistic soul. The other day at my concert, there’s this part in my show where I say, 'Ladies, what do we need from the world?' And she was in the front row yelling, 'Respect!' And I said, 'Yes, Emme! Teach them young!' That’s what I want to teach her; that’s what I want her to know."