This is what Bradley Cooper said to Lady Gaga before their Oscars performance

This is what Bradley Cooper said to Lady Gaga before their Oscars performance

The chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sure was palpable during their performance of Shallow at Sunday's Oscars' ceremony. The duet featured some seriously intense eye-contact between the pair, who starred as Jackson Maine and Ally in A Star is Born, which went onto win the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Towards the end of the track, the two costars sat very close to each other, as they shared a microphone and a small piano bench. Of course, Twitter was promptly filled with frenzied reactions to the duet, and it wasn't long before people were speculating whether Cooper and Gaga were more than just friends.

"Raise your hand if you thought Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were about to make out," commented one social media user, and another added "Based on the Internet reaction I think legally speaking Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have to get married and have a baby now or it’s a felony."

However, as we now know, all is well in the Cooper-Shayk home. The actor's longtime girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was pictured embracing Gaga after the "intimate" performance, and Cooper was also shot kissing Shayk right in front of his co-star.
So what made the duet so entrancing? Of course, they're both talented actors, but it may have had something to do with what Cooper said to his co-star ahead of the performance. Speaking to the press backstage, Gaga revealed that Cooper said "“Let's just drop a little bit of joy", and she as she acknowledged, "It turns out, joy did a whole lot for me."

Gaga went onto say that she believes Shallow resonated with so many people because of one simple reason: smartphones. "I really believe in my heart that the unfortunate truth is that our cell phones are becoming reality,” she asserted.

"It’s become reality for the world. And in this song we provide not just a conversation, but also a very poignant statement. I wish not to be in the shallow, but I am. I wish to dive off the deep end, but watch me do it. I think this is something that speaks to many people, and during, I think, a very shallow time, it’s a chance for us all to grab hands and dive into the water together and swim into the deepest depths of the water that we can."

And despite all her recent, and historic, success, the 32-year-old went onto say that appearances can be deceiving;

"People see what they see on the outside, and in some shape or form we become archetypes,” she said, "I was so determined to live my dreams but there was so much in the way. There were so many things that I didn't anticipate, things that broke me, that tortured me.” When she is all dressed up, things might seem perfect, but "the truth is this is very, very hard work and it is not for the faint of heart."