Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloé Kardashian the night before her baby shower

Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloé Kardashian the night before her baby shower

Well, get ready to hate Tristan Thompson even more!

Days before Khloé gave birth, news broke that the NBA star was allegedly having multiple affairs. In New York City, he was caught on camera kissing a bartender from a strip club, and then taking her back to his hotel. (But hey, it might have not been romantic. Maybe they just played Monopoly.)

Then TMZ released a video of Tristan getting intimate with two women at a hookah lounge in Washington, D.C. He even motorboated one lady. (But hey, it might not have been romantic. Maybe he just needed a face massage.) This footage was recorded in October, when Khloé was three months pregnant. That indicated Tristan's philandering wasn't just a one time thing. But despite this scandal, Khloé she allowed him to present in the delivery room for the birth. An insider told People she wanted to rebuild their relationship.

Now a source told ET that Tristan has allegedly cheated on Khloé with five women. What's more, some of them claim the affairs lasted for months, and one woman says that she slept with Tristan the night before Khloé's baby shower. (Ouch.)

You would think that Khloé would say "boy bye," and decorate the street with his belongings. But apparently, that's not her state of mind. "She's not in a bubble of denial," explains the source. "She knows what's going on and is still trying to process it, but so far, she's managed to move past it and look forward."

As more women come out of the shadows, to claim they had affairs with Tristan, it puts friends and family in an awkward position. "Her friends and family are learning all these new details and it's hard to know what's just someone trying to cash in and what is true," says the source. "It's tough to know what, if anything, to tell Khloe.

In the past, Khloé has stuck with her man, through thick and thin. None of her friends want to be the bearer of bad news. "If a friend tells Khloe that they heard about another cheating story, they risk being cut off by her," explains the source. "She's stuck by her man in the past, so it doesn't even seem worth it to fill her in on all the details."

Khloé flew to Ohio to have the baby, since it's convenient for Tristan, as he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When the news broke about his cheating, she reportedly wanted to fly back to Los Angeles. However, that wasn't possible because the birth was imminent. Now it seems she's had a change of heart, and isn't going anywhere for a while.

"Khloe is very settled in Cleveland right now and is planning on staying another few weeks to a month at least," the source says. "Of course, that could change, especially since every day there seems to be more stories [coming] out about Tristan."

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