Twitter thinks Lady Gaga 'crossed the line' during intimate Oscars performance with Bradley Cooper

Twitter thinks Lady Gaga 'crossed the line' during intimate Oscars performance with Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's chemistry is undeniable. The pair dazzled as a dynamic musical duo and star-crossed lovers in the Oscar nominated A Star is Born last year, and judging by their performance of Shallow at the 2019 Oscars last night, it looks like that connection isn't going to fizzle out anytime soon.

The performance featured some seriously intense eye-contact between the pair, who starred as Jackson Maine and Ally in the feature, which went onto win the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Towards the close of the track, Cooper and Gaga sat very close to each other, as they shared just a microphone and a small piano bench. Naturally, the internet was full of frenzied reactions to the duet, as people speculated whether the pair were more than just friends.

Tiffany Haddish, who is famously loose-lipped, even chimed in. "I was like, ‘Are they doing it?’ It was so good," the 39-year-old told Entertainment Tonight at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. "That was hot!"

But Haddish wasn't the only person to think so. "Okay, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance was gorgeous. I’ve tried to resist the allure but god damn it. That was HOT," wrote one Twitter user, while another corroborated "Something major just happened. After “Shallow” perf, @ladygaga & Bradley Cooper exited stage for commercial break. During break, they came back to their seats from stage then audience gave them another standing o. I’ve never seen that happen for any performers. Cue embrace."

Some went as far as to insinuate that something illicit was going on between the two actors - and before we get into this whole debate, let's bear in mind that Cooper is in a long term relationship with model, Irina Shayk, with whom he shares a young daughter.
"Raise your hand if you thought Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were about to make out," commented one social media user, and another added "Based on the Internet reaction I think legally speaking Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have to get married and have a baby now or it’s a felony."

In any case, we should also remember that Gaga once said that she would never consider dating Cooper, who directed and starred in the hit.

When Howard Stern asked the singer if things could ever turn romantic, she replied: "Absolutely not! I already love everyone and the idea is, if you really love somebody, you put the most important thing first and that is the film. The truth is, what's most important to me is that we tell a story that touches the hearts of millions of people that come to see it."

And the singer-cum-actress and Cooper's partner, Shayk, certainly seem to be friendly. After the performance, the model was pictured giving Gaga a huge hug.

Well, it looks like the internet got carried away... again.