Video shows half-naked women dancing between gravestones apparently to 'raise the dead'

Video shows half-naked women dancing between gravestones apparently to 'raise the dead'

While Halloween is over, and we're currently heading full speed into Christmas season, it seems as if one woman is still embracing the spooky spirit of last month.

The half-naked woman, who has been identified as Anna Ottorbeck from Dundee, Scotland, was filmed dancing amongst gravestones at the Howff burial ground.

While onlookers initially believed that Ottorbeck was attempting to summon the dead, it was actually for a university project. The 22-year-old student was "impersonating the wind and tress" as part of her studies at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance.

Charis Thompson spotted Ottorbeck's performance, and filmed it to post on social media. The subsequent clip shows the university student waving her arms around between the gravestones, as well as throwing her body from side to side. She also repeatedly bows down and rocks her head while in the cemetery.

Speaking about the public's response to her project, Ottorbeck said "We’ve been filming here for a while, but last time no one really noticed us."

"Now we have lots of people looking – passers-by are shouting out and the residents in the flats above were laughing," she continued.

Thompson's video has garnered over 35,000 likes and 8,000 retweets, and the internet certainly found the footage bizarre, albeit amusing.

"Hahahaha she’s like a glitching sim," commented one Twitter user, while another added "I've heard folk say "will you dance on my grave", well this is it in action."

A third wrote, "I’ve watched this cursed video about 40 times now."

The public's reaction hasn't put off Ottorbeck, however. "It doesn’t bother me at all. I want to be a contemporary dancer so I’m not self-conscious about dancing in public, or my body," she asserted.

This is not the only bizarre student project to tickle the public of late.

Earlier this month, a video showed another Dundee arts student feeding pigeons while dressed as one herself. Niamh Fenton, who now refers to herself a "pigeon girl", said that the act was part of an art project at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

"I went into town as a pigeon to see the public’s reaction to a humanoid pigeon. I am frankly overwhelmed how this got out and how it exploded," she said.