Wendy Williams slams Kim Kardashian over 'nude' photos posted to social media

Wendy Williams slams Kim Kardashian over 'nude' photos posted to social media

Another day, another Kim Kardashian story. Whatever you think of Kim K and her family, you cannot deny their ability to create headlines and make money.

Whether it was the furore around the three separate childbirths or Kim's ability to "break the internet" with her revealing photoshoots, Kardashian Fever is real and they are undoubtedly one of the most influential families in the world.

However, despite them being loved by millions, plenty of people are divided when it comes to the Kardashians. Many wonder why people like them, seeing as they don't have any obvious talents. But, for every Kardashian hater, there's someone who is an avid fan of the family, praising their ability to make money and take ownership of their bodies.

However, one person who certainly isn't a fan is Wendy Williams. The TV host took aim at Kardashian and her rapper-husband Kanye West yesterday, saying that Yeezy is on course to ruin the Kardashian brand due to his bizarre rants on Twitter.

"I believe that Kanye is helping ruin the [Kardashian] brand and his own, as well. It’s just another loose nut in the tree, in the empire."

But while she may not be a supporter of Kanye, it was Kim who took the brunt of Williams' criticism. Speaking about the mom-of-three and her decision to post some 'barely there' photos onto her Twitter account, Williams didn't hold back in her opinion of the reality star.

"And then here goes Kim. I don’t know whether this is just a boring day in her life or whether she’s purposely doing this to draw attention from the Kanye debacle, which has exploded, but yesterday she posts this picture — nude," she said.

"Totally nude. Totally done, no razor bumps, no ingrown hairs, no nothing. You know what, even if there is a little bit of airbrushing, you gotta admit..it’s still good. But how pathetic is she? How pathetic!"

The images in question were posted by Kardashian to promote her latest fragrance and were risque, to say the least.

The bottle for the perfume will be cast from Kardashian's infamous body, with the 37-year-old posting an image of her getting it done.

It's not the first time that Wendy has taken issue with the Kardashian-West household. Back in 2016, she criticised Kanye for marrying into the family, with her saying that it has destroyed his image as a "thought-provoking" artist.

"All I'm saying is, whatever happened to the thought-provoking Kanye we knew who was slightly nutty ... nutty is good, we're all a little nutty ... but when he got with that family, Number 1, he should have stayed like the mack in the back, he should not have participated in the reality show," she rambled on.

Williams also said Kardashian's marriage to West, whom she dubbed the "King of All Blacks", was a "come up" from her past relationships with the likes of Ray J and Kris Humphries.

It's safe to say that Kim and Kanye divide opinion, with there being a lot of hate directed at the couple - particularly as they are currently dominating the headlines. But, the more you talk, the more they make - so I'm sure they're happy to deal with the critcism.