Why did Heidi and Mike split? Married At First Sight Australia couple broke up three weeks after moving in together

Why did Heidi and Mike split? Married At First Sight Australia couple broke up three weeks after moving in together

Heidi and Mike had a tumultuous relationship on Married At First Sight Australia, and ultimately split at the end of season six.

While they appeared to be a match made in heaven during the initial episodes, cracks quickly begun to show, and they went their separate ways.

But why did Heidi and Mike split and decide to go their separate ways?

Here's everything you need to know...

Why did Heidi and Mike split Mike and Heidi have since split after appearing on MAFSA (Credit: Channel Nine Australia)

Why did Heidi and Mike split?

According to Heidi, she and Mike split because they didn't share the same values. Opening up about the demise of their relationship in an episode of Talking Married, Heidi said: "I feel like Mike and I are very different.

"We have very different values and points of view and morals… I think that’s why we conflicted a lot in our relationship and we didn’t understand each other." This was reflected throughout the series, resulting in Heidi growing increasingly frustrated with Mike's behaviour towards her.

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During their honeymoon, Heidi plucked up the courage to talk about her difficult upbringing. Sadly though, Mike cut her off after taking little interest, telling her "I'm not your therapist". A tearful Heidi then told Mike "I’m so shocked at how you spoke to me".

Heidi later recalled another incident which she struggled with. She said: "This morning I was asleep, I coughed, the cough woke me up, and I coughed about 10 times, and then you went, ‘Can you put a pillow over your mouth when you cough?’" The revelation shocked fans.

Speaking on the after show, Heidi said: "I was watching it tonight and I just started bawling. I knew it was going to make me teary. But I totally forgot how emotional it was."

When guest host, Ben Fordham, told the contestant that Mike had said that the reason behind the split was that he couldn't make her happy, she disagreed.

"I don't ever look for someone to make me happy, that's not why I go into a relationship," Heidi explained. "I make myself happy. And then I look for someone to enjoy my life with. So that's not true. We are on different planets sometimes, and as much as the chemistry brought us together, mentally and emotionally we just couldn't get it together, ever."

Married at first sight australia The couple didn't share the same values (Channel Nine Australia)

Do Heidi and Mike still talk?

Heidi and Mike are apparently not on speaking terms. When asked if he's still in touch with Heidi on Talking Married, Mike said "I've tried, but she doesn't message back." Ouch, burn.

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In the same episode, he admitted that he made a mistake by not fighting to get Heidi back. "I don't know if I've made peace with it, even two years later. I made a lot of mistakes. They were hurtful to her and damaging to our relationship," he lamented.

Who is Mike from MAFSA dating now?

In the Grand Reunion, Mike revealed that he had a girlfriend named Sonja.

Speaking to 9Now earlier this month, he said that he met his new flame on dating app, Bumble. He said: "I've been dating a girl for a few months. She's from Brisbane and spends a lot of time down here on the Gold Coast with me. Things are going really well.

"She's a real sweetheart and so gentle and she doesn't have any judgements. She doesn't make criticisms. She's just got a positive outlook and has good energy."

However, in the same Grand Reunion episode, he also confessed that he would probably "just kiss" Heidi if he ever saw her again, despite being coupled up. He went so far as to say his ex was a "missed opportunity".

"She could light up a room like no one I've ever met. Everybody fell for it, and I see it as a huge missed opportunity,' he added.

Why did Heidi and Mike split Mike has reportedly moved on and has a new girlfriend (Channel 9 Australia)

Who is Heidi from MAFSA dating now?

It's unclear whether Heidi is coupled up with someone new.

From her social media accounts, you can see that she's really enjoying hanging out with her friends, and that she has an active social life.

According to Heart, she works for a radio station on the Sunshine Coast. She also has a philanthropic side.

She's an ambassador for Inclusive Kids – a charity that uplifts and supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

MAFSA Heidi appears to enjoy an active social life (Channel Nine Australia)

Are any of the MAFSA Australia couples still together?

There are just two MAFSA couples who are still together. Jules and Cam, and Michael and Martha.

Jules and Cam were by far the show's strongest couple. They actually got married outside of the show, and had a baby last October. As we can see from the Instagram accounts, they've moved in together and don't hesitate to show off sweet snaps of baby Oliver.

While they initially clashed over whether they'd reside in Sydney or Melbourne, Micheal and Martha also went the distance. It seems like the pair are now living in Sydney, meaning Martha won that fight...

They haven't tied the knot yet, but they showcase their love on Instagram, where they frequently appear on reels and IGTV together.