Woman claims she's debating divorcing husband as he insists on naming their baby after his ex

Woman claims she's debating divorcing husband as he insists on naming their baby after his ex

Of all the reasons to file for divorce, having your partner want to name your unborn child after their ex has to be up there.

An expectant mother has taken to Reddit claiming that she is considering divorcing her husband of two years after he insisted on naming their daughter after one of his ex-girlfriends.

Asserting that "divorce was now on the table", the woman who has chosen to remain unidentified revealed that the name didn't just belong to any old ex, but "the one he dated for long period of time and loved the most".

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Writing that she is seven months pregnant, the woman continued ""In the beginning of our relationship, we had many problems because of her but she moved away so the problems went away [sic]."

"He really loved her and he never hid that from me but I thought it was over once she moved away. Now he made it clear that he wants the baby to have that name and I can name the second child. When I asked him why does he want that name so badly he said just because he and his ex didnt work out doesnt mean he doesnt want something to keep reminding him of her. He doesnt understand how much its affecting me and keeps saying its just the hormones. Is he still in love with the ex or its normal that he wants to name OUR child like that. Thank you! [sic]."

Of course, the people of Reddit were quick to express their outrage and assured the expectant mother that it was not "just the hormones".

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"She should not back down. Should NOT name their daughter after his old girlfriend!!" one Reddit user responded, while another had a rather novel solution: "Divorce him and name her after yourself so he has to call his daughter by YOUR name every time he speaks to her."

Others suggested other options which didn't include divorce, with one writing "Just give the first child a double barrel first name. Both being names that make either parent uncomfortable. Everyone loses."

One social media user even revealed the reality of being named after a parents' ex: "I'm a girl who was named after my dad's lover (mom had no idea) and I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE my name."

"I'm the oldest, my mom really wanted to name me after her Aunt who passed away, Carmen. My dad insisted on naming me after a famous song at the time. He was adamant that he wanted that name. My mom, being a young girl, madly in love with my dad gave in."

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"A few weeks after I was born, they took me to visit my grandma, my dad's mother. She asked what is the baby's name. My mom told her and my grandmas face went white and was in shock. She then told my mom, that was my dad's childhood sweethearts name, the one that he loved and the one that got away. After that my mother always called me a different version of that name. When I was a teenager I found out where my name came from. The feeling of anger, hurt and just flat out resentment towards my dad, has NEVER gone away. It's also, creeped me the f**k out! I had the name of some girl he was with, ewwwww!!!!!! So disrespectful to my mother, and as a teen to know your dad doesn't love your mother!?! It really messed me up for a long time. He laughed, and said my mom was being crazy and played it off like no big deal. Do NOT name any of your child after an ex [sic]."

Here's hoping that this messy situation gets sorted out, stat!