Woman says her first date turned out to be a funeral and the internet can't cope

Woman says her first date turned out to be a funeral and the internet can't cope

Unless you've struck gold, first dates tend to be unpleasant experiences. While Hollywood movies lead us to believe that they will be dimly lit, romantic encounters that inevitably unfold into healthy, loving relationships – in most cases, you'll find that you either have nothing in common with your dinner date, or that they are just plain weird. 

But we live to tell the tale, and they certainly do make for amusing stories to tell your friends and colleagues the following day...

One woman, however, takes the cake in the first date horror story department.

coffee date Credit: Pexels

Twitter user, @itsssraych, shared a Whatsapp conversation with a friend saved as Bridget Jones who endured a first date unlike any other.

When Bridget's date told her to wear all black, she naturally thought she'd be heading on a fancy date in a place that had a dress code. This all changed, however, when the car stopped at a crematorium. Bridget assumed that the man in question was just stopping for fuel, but he then proceeded to explain that they were going to attend the funeral of his grandmother.

She had no choice but to go through with it.

In the Whatsapp exchange, Bridget explains why exactly she went through with it.

"He goes 'I just really needed someone to come to this thing with me and thought if I told you, you wouldn’t come'. [He] pulls in and at this point, I’m like f*ck there’s no way out. ‘So I’m like f*ck it, what’s the worst that could happen. It’s his nan’s funeral. People are sobbing and I’m like I can’t leave, I’d be a massive b*tch. Imagine calling an Uber to a funeral home. Didn’t stay for the wake. Made him take me home after the service. He was holding my hand, crying, I couldn’t leave."

She then went on to say that her date had been going through a tough time, as he had recently broken up with his girlfriend. But by this point, he'd already told his family all about his girlfriend, and they were excited to meet her.

Feeling unable to tell his family that they'd broken up - probably in fear of bad timing - the date decided to take another girl along. And Bridget - being the stand up woman that she is - decided to humour him.

Naturally, the people of Twitter found the whole thing hilarious. 

"This makes me feel better about my life," one social media user wrote, while another added "As soon as I read 'black dress,' I knew where this was going but didn't quite believe it would actually go there...and then it did. Hoooooolysh*t."

A third wrote: "And they say romance is dead."

Well, I bet you feel better about all of your terrible first dates now...