Woman shares hilarious parody pictures of Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram snaps

Woman shares hilarious parody pictures of Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram snaps

Along with basically every other millennial on the planet, I have an Instagram account. And I love it. Every day, I get to dip in and out of an endless stream of cute puppies, gorgeous photography and, every so often, updates from the few famous people whom I consider interesting enough to follow on social media.

However, there are one or two downsides to being able to check in on your favorite celebrity's life - the main one being that they're almost always painfully attractive and staring at their beautiful faces every day can sometimes make us feel as if we don't quite match up.

Thankfully, there are some 'Grammers out there who make it their duty to remind us that true beauty entails far more than just a conventionally hot bod and a good contour - and one of them is Celeste Barber.

In her Insta bio, Barber describes herself as an "Actor. Comedian. Writer. Lady." But she is so much more than that.

When it comes to social media, Barber is a pro at mimicking the photographs of famously beautiful faces. One of her favorite people to copy is Emily Ratajkowski: the 26-year-old actress and model renowned for her gorgeous, willowy figure.

In carefully set-up shots, Barber (almost) perfectly mirrors the snaps and selfies of the model - sometimes so perfectly that it's difficult to tell the pair apart.

But Ratajkowski isn't the only celeb that Barber impersonates.

She's pretty good at copying Kendall Jenner...

Bella Hadid...

And even Queen Bey herself...

Basically, if there's a celeb out there who takes a good pic, you can almost guarantee that Barber can take a better one...

So, whether you're a fan of Emily Ratajkowski, a connoisseur of perfectly-crafted visual comedy, or simply someone who wants to have their day brightened by a woman in a leopard print leotard, perhaps consider giving Barber a follow.