'World's most identical twins' want to get pregnant at the same time by the same man

'World's most identical twins' want to get pregnant at the same time by the same man

Twins, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, have previously made headlines for their extensive plastic surgeries. The sisters, who are 33-years-old, claim to have spent $250,000 on the procedures, which include breast implants and lip fillers.

While Anna and Lucy did want to alter their appearance, the goal was always to do it together, by and by making them "the world's most identical twins".

But besides looking identical, Anna and Lucy also share everything, including their bed and even their boyfriend of eight years, Ben Byrne - a mechanic.

Now, the pair have revealed that they both want to conceive a child with Ben... at the same time.

Credit: Instagram

"We would like to have babies with Ben," they revealed in a video.

They did, thankfully, question whether it was even possible for them to be pregnant at the same time: "[We're] not sure if that's possible... It's a bit of a dilemma, isn't it?" they said.

"Oh my God, just imagine if you got pregnant... and I didn't get pregnant. But imagine if we did get pregnant at the same time. At the end of the day, that's not really a call we can make. And that's when nature comes in I think. You can't control these things. But it would be amazing if we got pregnant at the same time. Even if my kid was born in the same week as yours."

The pair have looked at alternate options to conceive their children, including surrogacy, IVF and adoption.

"If we both can't get pregnant at the same time, maybe that's the road we've got to go down?" they continued.

"We want to experience pregnancy together. We want our bodies to look the same because we're so close, we always want to be together and do the same. That's why we share a boyfriend and so we want to experience pregnancy together, it's such a beautiful thing for any mother to go through."

We're going to make that happen. If it happens, it happens so we will see. Time will tell."

Credit: Instagram

Additionally - according to a recent interview with the Australia-based publication, New Idea - the twins are in the throes of reversing some of their cosmetic treatments, and halting others, for a new, more "natural" look.

"We honestly don’t know why we did all of that stuff to ourselves," Anna said when speaking to New Idea. "We regret a lot of things, and if we could go back in time, we would do things a lot differently."

The decision is due in part to bullying on social media. "The more popular we got, the more haters we had, and we were getting called everything from ‘plastic Barbie dolls’ to ‘fish lips.’ We wanted the biggest everything — particularly lips. We loved the look and feel of big lips. Now we realize they were too big," Anna explained.

To achieve their more "natural" look, the twins decided to ditch hair and lash extensions, as well as dissolve their fillers. And they are even working to reverse microblading on their brows, and remove their tattooed lip liner. "No more facial injections for us, and we will never use Botox. We’ve learned from our mistakes," Anna continued.

"We’re more confident, and happily look people in the eyes now.”

Well, just in time for the babies then...