'Game of Thrones' fans believe that Arya will kill Daenerys in this week's episode

'Game of Thrones' fans believe that Arya will kill Daenerys in this week's episode

Arya Stark proved herself to be the greatest assassin in Westeros during the Battle of Winterfell when, at the eleventh hour, she drove a Valyrian steel dagger through the Night King's chest and saved the world of the living.

Relive the heartstopping moment for yourself in the video below: 

Now, despite her army being wearied, Daenerys has set her sights firmly on destroying Cercei Lannister, seemingly at whatever cost, so that she can finally sit on the Iron Throne... There's just one problem.

She might still be rabbiting on about being the "rightful" heir, but, in reality, it's Jon Snow who has the better claim.

Sure, he might not want to be the king of the Seven Kingdoms, but as we saw in last week's episode, after Daenerys' recent behavior, a lot of people (*cough Sansa*) believe that he would make a better ruler than her.

Melisandre telling Arya her prophecy. Credit: HBO

While it has been suggested that the pair could rule together, because of Daenerys's determination - nay, obsession - with power, we know that she's never going to share her throne even with the man she loves.

Now, fans are convinced that she is going to be the next person Arya kills, fulfilling Melisandre's prophecy that she will kill people with the following eye colors: "Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever."

In case your memory needs refreshing, Arya has already shut brown eyes (Walder Frey) and blue eyes (the Night King), and although Cersei has green eyes and seems to be the obvious choice, fans are speculating that in a shocking twist it will be Daenerys, who also has green eyes, when she becomes the Mad Queen people fear she is on the road to being.

If you haven't seen it yet, this is the preview for this week's episode: 

What do you think? One thing's for sure, it's a question that's going to be answered in the very near future.