How does Meghan Markle stay in shape? 10 healthy lifestyle choices the Duchess swears by

How does Meghan Markle stay in shape? 10 healthy lifestyle choices the Duchess swears by

We've all wondered it: how does Meghan Markle stay in shape?

Many of us grew up wanting to be princesses. It was a veritable right of passage, right there next to Barbie dolls and all of the other effluvia which comes with being a little girl. But once we grew up, and completed our schooling, we invariably swapped out dreams of the crown jewels for something altogether more attainable.

Certainly, while tiaras are dazzling, and the whole notion of being royal is endlessly beguiling, it's clear that being royal isn't just one big game of dress up - rather, it's a job, just like any other.

I for one have had a girl crush on Markle ever since I first saw her in Suits back in 2011. Not only are her sartorial stylings endlessly inspiring, but it's evident that she spends a lot of time working out and eating healthy to maintain her enviable physique.

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How does Meghan Markle stay in shape?

While many of us can't ever hope to ascend to royalty, we can, however, workout like a princess.

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Here are the 10 things that Meghan Markle has been doing to get the body she has now.

1. She cooks her own meals 

According to a The Chalkboard interview published in 2015, Meghan makes roasted cauliflower and chickpeas with hot curry powder at least once a week.

She either uses it to top her salads or eats it as a side-dish. "Every day I’m cooking something, even if it’s just a pesto I can put in the fridge for later in the week," she added to Shape back in 2013.

2. She enjoys the occasional glass of wine 

"Of course I’m going to have that glass of wine. It’s delicious and I enjoy it," the actress said in an interview with Best Health magazine.

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She's know to be a fan of Malbec, Cabernet and Pinot Noir, according to Delish.

3. She went vegan part-time

In a 2016 interview with Best Health magazine, Meghan stated: "When I’m filming, I’m conscious of what I eat."

For the Suits star that meant cutting out dairy, meat and other animal products throughout the week.

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On the weekends, however, she allows herself to indulge with anything she wants. "It's all about balance," she added.

4. She avoids fast food 

"It’s been many moons since I went through a drive thru," the 39-year-old told The Chalkboard Magazine. That means steer clear of your Saturday night McDonalds order, folks.

5. She eats a hearty, but balanced breakfast 

According to a 2016 interview with Delish, Meghan kicks off her days by drinking hot water with lemon and a bowl of oatmeal with bananas and agave syrup. She's also been spotting eating acai bowls with berries, bee pollen and manuka honey, if you're feeling a little indulgent.

6. She stays hydrated

"Hydrate, hydrate, all the time," Meghan told Shape. "Your skin will look better, everything will look really good."

7. She doesn't avoid carbs 

"I don't ever want to feel deprived," the actress told Best Health Magazine, admitting that her "go-tos" are pasta and fries. "I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things," she added.

8. She runs for the physical and mental benefits 

While working on Suits, Meghan ran to "clear her head". Speaking to Women's Health, she asserted that "Running has always been my form of moving meditation, which I relish because it allows me to get out of my head."

She always tries to run with a partner, and back in 2016 her running buddy of choice was her friend, Heather, with whom she would complete six-mile runs.

9. She does hot yoga regularly 

My mom was a yoga instructor, so that practice is in my blood," Meghan told Women's Health, adding that hot yoga and vinyasa were her two favourites. She's also been spotted several times outside hip-hop yoga studio, Y7, in Los Angeles.

10. She hangs out with people who are into health and fitness

Speaking to The Chalkboard magazine, the 39-year-old concluded that the easiest way to improve your health is to "surround yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle… it rubs off."

Well, there you have it. I think we can all agree that these 10 things are easy to integrate into any fitness regimen. And who knows, you may bag yourself a prince off the back of it.