15 Eyebrow trends of 2017 that should never be seen again

15 Eyebrow trends of 2017 that should never be seen again

Technically, 2017 was the year of the rooster, but we all know it was actually the year of the brow. Seriously, have you noticed how many "brow trends" have popped up over the course of the year?

You could say it's thanks to the likes of Cara Delivigne and the other bushy-browed girls out there showing us that we need to appreciate and tend to our eyebrows more. For me, it was when I was watching an ep of Next Top Model a few years ago and they did a challenge where the girls had to bleach their eyebrows and it just looked freaky.

Thanks to Instagram and all the makeup savvy figures of inspiration out there, no-one's left in the lurch anymore about what the hell to do with their newly acquired brow shaping kits. And since then, people have gotten damn creative with the furry little tufts of hair on their foreheads.

But while it may be fun to play around with our brows, let's just say that things went a liiittle too far this year. Like, seriously – did we really need McDonald's brows? No. Now let's look back at the year and revisit some of the other atrocious trends that popped up, and bid adieu to them forever. You had your time in the spotlight, but now it's time to go.

1. Ponytail brows

What are you, five?

2. Squiggle brows

To make you look permanently confused

3. Lighting bolt brows

Well, they sure are striking

4. Christmas tree brows

Of course there's a design for the festive season

5. Feather brows

These just make me feel uncomfortable somehow

6. Rainbow brows

Nope, just nope

7. Dragon brows

For the inner Khaleesi in you

8. Negative space brows

What is going on here?

9. Braided brows

I think most of these were photoshopped

10. Or... stuck on


11. Gucci snake eyebrows

They are on trend, I'll give you that

12. McDonald's brows

Another branded brow that just shouldn't exist

13. Barbed wire brows

This looks SO ODD

14. Carved brows

Goodness me

15. And finally... this

I have no words

Ladies, it's time to put your pencils and brow brushes down. Step away from the mirror slowly with your hands above your head and promise me we won't be seeing any of these trends next year. Okay? Let's have a good start to the new year.