23-year-old mom of quadruplets claps back at trolls who said her stretch marks make them want to 'vomit'

23-year-old mom of quadruplets claps back at trolls who said her stretch marks make them want to 'vomit'

In a world where the majority of images we see are filtered, edited or Photoshopped, it's hard to believe that imperfections are, indeed, the norm.

Certainly, there is an endless array of lotions and potions that claim to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. These so called "cures" make it seem like stretch marks are something that need to be fixed, rather than celebrated as markers that our bodies are growing, evolving, or have done something wonderful like birth a child.

To remind her followers of this, Doreen Ching shared a photo of her post-pregnancy stretch marks to Facebook. After giving birth to quadruplets, the 23-year-old wanted to get real about the effects that pregnancy can have on women's bodies. The photo showed Ching's stomach lined with marks that stretched from her ribs to her hips.

Credit: Facebook / Doreen Ching

Ching wrote that she shared the image because other women had been asking her for advice on how to get rid of their stretch marks. Instead of doling out a list of tried and tested products, Ching reminded them that stretch marks are an inevitable part of pregnancy, and that in most cases they last a lifetime.

"This is the price even if you have money," she asserted. "There is no way to eliminate the traces".

While many fellow mothers praised Ching for her candidness - calling her "beautiful", "amazing" and "inspiring" - others were not so kind. Her post incited a slew of cruel comments which described her stomach as "ugly", with some going so far as to say that the image made them want to throw up.

Credit: Doreen Ching

Ching promptly replied to the internet trolls.

"[Do] you have any respect for the women of the world, your mother, your wife, and a woman who can afford to have children," she wrote in a subsequent Facebook post, which featured a photograph of her and her husband.

"When yesterday I sent an ugly belly [sic] after giving birth to [quadruplets]" she wrote. "Seeing a lot of people comment that many people comment very ugly ah. It's disgusting ah. Would love to throw up ah. and some men directly say it's the words that you women are so loving and so on. Think of the world that should be big for the woman with. Please pay respect to the women of the world. Your Mother, your wife is also a woman. Women can afford to give birth. Do you have to do it? Modern Women can do the superwomen, too [sic]."

Some rushed to Ching's defence, writing "Just ignore those who keep saying bad about you. You just need to know that you have a great child and a great family. Ignore all the haters and live a great life."

Credit: Doreen Ching / Facebook

Ching's response, which notes that the majority of the hurtful comments came from men, highlights the double standard that women face: we are expected to bear children, but also maintain a perfect body.