Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic swears by these six beauty rules

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic swears by these six beauty rules

While some people like to ridicule the Kardashian family, you can't deny that Kim Kardashian's makeup artist has some serious tricks up his sleeve. I mean, Kim stands as the perfect example of how to do your makeup in this day and age.

She can expertly pull off a smokey eye and a matte nude lipstick, but it's her barely-there, naturally accentuating beauty looks that are most enviable. Her skin always looks flawless, her lashes are dramatic but not too OTT, and the contouring technique that goes on underneath it all is like a top-secret recipe that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Credit: PA

Kim Kardashian's makeup artists opens up

But now, Kim's most trusted beauty advisor and makeup artist of 10 years has revealed some of the secrets to achieving a flawless makeup look. Mario Dedivanovic has over four million followers on Instagram and is one of the most sought-after celebrity makeup artists today.

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He pioneered Kim's chic makeup style and is even collaborating with her on a new KKW Beauty line. Here are 6 tips he shared with ELLE about how to improve your beauty routine.

1. Don't just use Instagram as your main source of inspiration

Mario told ELLE that he gets his beauty inspiration "typically from things outside of the beauty world like interior design, architecture, nature, fabrics etc. all these things get my creative juices flowing."

2. Apply concealer before foundation, not the other way around

"Once the concealer is blended, I then go in with liquid foundation. I like to start out with a small amount of product and build as I go because applying too much at once can appear cake-y and accentuate lines on the face," he says.

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"To achieve a flawless complexion, it’s all taking the time to blend the product into the face."

3. Don't diss all those crazy beauty trends

"From the wavy brow to the feather or braided brow, people are really becoming creative. One of the craziest I've seen is the Nike Brow," he says (but have you seen the fishtail brow?!) "I love them all even if they are crazy! It’s so fun for me to see what people come up with."

4. To blend is your friend if you want bold brows

"I start by using a spoolie to brush the eyebrows in an upward motion. This not only reveals their true shape, but also allows you to see the bare areas."

Mario implores you find the right shade and then "work the pencil in short strokes to continue to fill.

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Be sure to use the spoolie to brush the pigment into the brow, allowing it to appear softer and more feathery."

5. Prime your lids with concealer

"It is important to prep the eyelid for eyeshadow application. You can start by applying concealer onto the eyelid." Setting powder will keep it in place before you add your eyeshadow too.

6. Make your own beauty trends

"In 2018, we will see more golden and metallic highlighters along with metallic lips, but I think it is always important to take these trends and make them your own." Because everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

Well, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist certainly knows what he's doing!