7 Booty transformations that prove a peachy butt is possible for anyone

7 Booty transformations that prove a peachy butt is possible for anyone

All it takes is a single scroll on Instagram or a trip to your closest beach to see that when it comes to fitness trends, building a booty is all the rage these days. Most girls in the gym will probably be doing squats, deadlifting weights and taking to the dreaded cross-trainer with a very high incline, all to get a peachy butt.

Of course, it does take quite some time and a commitment to the right diet (hint: lots of protein) as well as consistent lower body workouts with heavy weights, but these 7 girls on Instagram have proved that it's possible for anyone to build a booty. They've shared side-by-side pictures to show their before and after results, and they're seriously inspiring.

1. Angelica Gonzalez

Though some people may say that lifting weights is "manly", Angelica says "lifting weights have made me feel more like a woman than before". Uhh, inspo much?!

2. Destiny Stephens

She says targeted workouts and upping the quantity of protein she consumed – like, a lot – is what helped shape her peachy butt.

3. Kelsey Wells

Though she felt weird about gaining weight from lifting heavy weights, Kelsey sculpted a toned body this way. Muscle weighs more than fat, after all!

4. @Kek_Keish

She lost 114 pounds following her first pregnancy, and 41 more after her second. It was thanks to sticking to a healthier eating plan and exercising regularly.

5. @FitNika

Nika spent four years working on her glutes, all while sticking to a high-protein diet that was entirely vegan.

6. Kassidy Linde

"Consistency is key," Kassidy assures. "Without the small , unnoticeable changes , you will never see the big noticeable changes."

7. Marissa Remy

Marissa loved the feeling of building her booty so much that she became a professional bodybuilder.

These transformation pictures show that no matter your past experiences, bodyweight history or personal lifestyle choices – anyone can get the butt of their dreams if they really work for it. Nothing comes free in life, so you do have to commit to a proper diet and get exercising regularly. It won't happen overnight, but if you stick to it for a while, you will see results.

Anyone else feeling seriously inspired?