How to use dry shampoo: 7 dos and don'ts to get the best results for your hair

How to use dry shampoo: 7 dos and don'ts to get the best results for your hair

Even though it's the staple of beauty routines everywhere, if you've ever wondered how to use dry shampoo effectively, you're not alone.

I mean, what did we even do before we were blessed with that can of anti-grease goodness? It's the saviour of modern-day woman everywhere, and if you haven't tried it yet... then I just don't even know what to say.

how to use dry shampoo Credit: Pexels

How to use dry shampoo

It's well-loved it because it instantly makes your hair look fresher and more voluminous, but even though it seems easy to use, there are a lot of mistakes you could be making when applying it.

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For instance, if you're one to use your dry shampoo two days in a row, I regret to inform you that you're doing it all wrong.

Here are seven other sins you might be committing when it comes to your dry shampoo routine...

1. Using it two days in a row

Yes, it's a hair refresher, but it most certainly is not a replacement for a proper wash, young lady. You don't put layer upon layer of makeup on without washing it off in between, right? Well, your scalp also needs a thorough cleanse after all that product.

2. Neglecting your ends

While you're preoccupied with combating oily roots and trying to revive lifeless locks, you mustn't forget the tips of your hair.

Most of us have oilier roots and drier ends, so to make your hair look extra lush, apply oils and leave-in treatments to the ends of your hair while tackling the scalp with dry shampoo. Your hair will look and feel much healthier for it.

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3. Being too speedy

After applying it, you should wait a minute or two for the product to absorb into the follicles of your hair.

Give yourself a nice scalp massage to make sure you distribute the dry shampoo evenly, and work it into certain spots so it can do its magic.

4. Using too much

All you need is a few quick spurts of the stuff, not a hardcore blasting. You also don't need to apply it everywhere – just the bits that look oily or could do with a bit of a lift like your part or your fringe.

5. Only using dry shampoo on dirty hair

Even though it's labelled "shampoo", this little baby will do wonders even after you've freshly washed your locks.

Especially for people with fine, limp hair – dry shampoo will add a bit of oomph and make styling easier.

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6. Spraying it too close

This will leave a nasty white residue which looks pretty grim, especially in darker hair.

So, make sure you spray from around 10-15cm away so that you don't over-concentrate one area with product.

7. Spritz-and-go

You could be really letting your hair game down by not running a brush through afterwards, and ignoring the benefits of a quick blow dry.

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Both of these things help distribute the product further, as well as remove excess residue. Your hair will have different styling qualities after dry shampoo too, so don't forget it!

Are you guilty of any of these? If so, it might be time to rethink your technique.

And if you're wondering where you can find a can of the handy stuff, look no further than your local grocery store, or pharmacy. It really is a game-changer for limp and greasy locks. Here's to great hair days forevermore.