8 Celebrities who embraced their 'flaws' on Instagram

8 Celebrities who embraced their 'flaws' on Instagram

It's hard to find a single post on Instagram which isn't filtered to perfection, and littered with a slew of aspirational hashtags. But while it often feels as if the sole aim of the platform is to reel in life-affirming likes, there are certain individuals who are using it to showcase a more realistic depiction of life. And surprisingly, some of our favourite famous faces are leading the way in this regard.

Case in point: here are eight celebrities who have publicly showcased their so-called flaws on the social media platform...

1. Chrissy Teigen 

Speaking about her stretch-mark selfie that went viral on the Meredith Vieira show, Chrissy asserted "I think we forget what normal people look like now. The standards are ridiculously high. People aren't just smoothing their skin anymore, they're changing the shape of their body. Nobody can compare to that."

2. Drew Barrymore 

It appears that even the top one per cent can sport unruly brows and the odd grey hair...

3. Demi Lovato

The songstress proves that you needn't be concerned about the size of your legs.

4. Ariana Grande

Big boobs or small boobs, they're all beautiful in their own way...

5. Ashley Graham 

Even supermodels get cellulite.

6. Amy Schumer 

"The audacity of hips."

7. Tyra Banks 

So what if you have a "muffin top"!

8. Zooey Deschanel

I mean, is this not all of us come Monday morning?

Well, there you have it. It's apparent that even those who have won the genetic lottery, and have the world's best makeup artists at their beck and call, have imperfections too.