These are the 8 fitness and beauty habits that keep Jennifer Aniston looking young

These are the 8 fitness and beauty habits that keep Jennifer Aniston looking young

There's a reason why Jennifer Aniston still looks like a glowing, sporty goddess at age 49 – and it's not a quick fix. The Friends alum lives a healthy, balanced lifestyle and she's been sticking to it for decades now. It is what's been keeping her hair lush, her arms toned and that signature smile on her face for so long.

The Californian admits that she's made mistakes in the past (like loving her sunburn-induced tan a little too much), but ultimately implores that living a simple, chilled out and well-balanced life is paramount to your health, both physical and mental. From keeping flowers in her house all the time to DIY beauty treatments, here are 8 beauty and fitness habits that Jennifer Aniston swears by.

1. At-home highlight refreshers

"I squeeze a whole lemon into a spray bottle filled with seawater and put some of that in my hair," she tells InStyle. "The lemon brings out your highlights. Plus, you get the great smell of the ocean."

2. Daily meditation

"If I skip a day, I definitely notice," the actress said when asked about finding time to meditate. She sometimes uses an app to guide her meditation, and often pairs them with workouts – maybe to chill out again after getting her heart rate up.

3. Strength x Yoga workouts

Barre exercises are a staple for Aniston, but she also speaks highly of The Class by Taryn Toomey – a workout that combines yoga, strength exercises and mindful affirmations. "It’s so much more than just a workout," she says, suggesting that it's more like a "moving meditation".

4. Cardio daily, even if it's not much

Aniston reportedly tries to get in at least 20 minutes of cardio every single day. It makes all the difference to get your heart rate high at least once on the daily.


"I keep flowers everywhere in my home," she says. "It’s a little magic from nature." Peonies are her favourite, and when they're not in season, she makes sure to spritz her house with floral-scented home sprays.

6. Sunscreen

Aniston claims her biggest beauty "regret" is not having taken sun damage more seriously in her youth. "My biggest beauty regret is the amount of sunbathing I used to do without sunscreen," she told Now To Love. "I mean, baby oil? What was I thinking?". Now, she insists plenty of "water, sleep and sunscreen" are her "top three anti-ageing tips".

7. Nice on the nostrils, no matter what

"Even if I’m working from home, I wear a fragrance," Aniston tells InStyle. "I keep a bit of a scent wardrobe and wear different scents depending on the activity."

8. Less is more

Jennifer has always been about natural beauty looks, choosing to keep her hair down or in a casual ponytail, and calling herself a "no-makeup makeup girl". She prefers to work with a tinted moisturiser or sheer foundation and neutral shades, saying: "I’ve tried smoky eyes, and they always make me feel like I’m wearing a mask." Charlotte Tilbury is her favourite makeup brand because "She makes beautiful nudes."

See – nothing too fancy or complicated about it, is there? We could all do with drinking more water, applying sunscreen liberally and taking good care of ourselves both physically and mentally. And if Jen is anything to go by, it looks like there's not much more to it than that!