9 Inspiring bloggers who are challenging beauty standards

9 Inspiring bloggers who are challenging beauty standards

We love it when someone comes into the spotlight, and proves that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, everyone is unique, and we all have our own quirks. These are things we should celebrate, rather than cover-up.

Thanks to the internet, there are now so many influential men and women telling their stories and giving us more realistic ideas about the different kinds of "beautiful" that exist.

Here are nine inspiring bloggers, who are challenging beauty standards...

body positivity There have been a slew of body positive bloggers in recent years (Credit: Unsplash)

1. Lauren Elyse

Lauren has a rare skin condition called Vitiligo. It causes skin and hair to lose its pigmentation. The Chicago-based blogger embraces the white patches around her eyes, and flaunts them in her looks rather than covering them up.

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2. Francesca Tanmizi

Growing up in Indonesia, Francesca always hated her "monolids". But rather than getting double eyelid surgery as some people do, Francesca decided to embrace her lids, and start doing specific beauty looks to show them off.

3. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie's huge amount of followers is thanks to her flawless makeup looks, and she shook things up by starting an online movement to stand up against makeup shaming.

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She focuses on the "power of makeup" and the fun of applying different looks, proving that it's never something to feel ashamed of.

4. Evita Patcey Delmundo

Evita has struggled with accepting her moles for years, and even considered removing them in the past. But, after learning of the risks involved, she decided to embrace them. And several years ago, she even auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia. Speaking to Elle Malaysia, she said:

"Beauty is who you are as a person and how you love yourself. It's never about perfection."

5. Khoudia Diop

Subjected to bullying for her dark skin tone, Khoudia has stuck it to her haters with her glowing personality and recently launched a modelling career. She told the Daily Mail that she hopes to "inspire other young women of colour and empower them".

6. The Glow Getter

Ailish Lucas is making waves as she's all about what you put onto your body, as well as what goes into it. If you weren't aware, she's one of the most influential voices in natural makeup brands and is helping people who are trying to be more eco-conscious.

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She does so by dishing out advice on how to go green with skin care, make-up, hair care and wellness products.

7. Morgan Mikenas

Morgan chooses not to shave her legs, as it makes her feel her "most natural and human self". And if you're interested in learning more, she explained all in a YouTube video. She's all for going against society's expectations, and wants us all to do what makes us feel the most comfortable.

8. Aiden's Empire

Aiden's one of many male beauty influencers challenging the idea that makeup is only for women. The self-described "Bearded Lady" always brings out banging new looks, with makeup applied around his perfectly groomed beard.

9. Beck Jackson

Beck is a fitness blogger who doesn't mind getting real about breakouts. Especially since we're always confronted with pictures of blemish-free models who get the Photoshop treatment, it's nice to hear someone saying:

"I just want to let you all know that you are beautiful EVEN if you have acne, or bacne, or cellulite, or your thighs touch or you've got stretch marks."

So, there you have it. These stories prove that there is no singular definition of "beauty", and that it really does come from the inside. So, do what makes you feel comfortable, and stand for what you believe in.

Go get 'em, girls, we're all here for this.