All the hottest celebs on Instagram are doing this new pose

All the hottest celebs on Instagram are doing this new pose

Littered with a slew of lithe gazelles with peachy derrieres, toned tummies and perfectly smooth skin, it can't be said that Instagram is great at championing diversity. Certainly, the "models" that we see on the social media platform are, more often than not, perfectly retouched and filtered.

But aside from winning the genetic lottery, and the six-days-a-week they spend at the gym, celebrities and Instagram models have recently found another "pose" that enhances their perfectly symmetrical visages and cutting cheekbones, and it's known as the "Headache Pose".

Yes, the latest weird Insta pose to populate our feeds is giving everyone and their mother a headache - well, it's making everyone want to look like they've got one - because it's just that damn flattering. "Migraine (or headache) Pose", as coined by makeup artist, Nam Vo, involves posing with one or two hands by your temples, and pulling your face up as if you have a headache. And there's a reason why we're seeing Instagram's finest donning the look - the pose tightens the face, makes your cheekbones stand out, and arches the brows - much like a facelift.

An early adopter of the look was veritable Insta royalty, Kylie Jenner, who sported it on her Love magazine cover earlier this year:

Since then a slew of notable faces have adopted the pose, just take a gander below...

There's Bella Hadid

 Kendall Jenner, of course...

Emily Ratajkowski 

 Gigi Hadid 

Cindy Bruna 

Ashley Graham 

 Priyanka Chopra

I mean, it's all over Instagram...

Well, there you have it. Will you be forgoing the contour for your next selfie, and adopting the "headache pose", or will you give it a miss?