How to hide greasy hair - 13 hairstyles to cover up oily roots

How to hide greasy hair - 13 hairstyles to cover up oily roots

We've all wondered how to hide greasy hair. I mean, let's be honest, sometimes there's simply no time to wash your locks.

Maybe you've slept in or ran out of time after accidentally taking an hour to "check" Instagram. Or you've finished a workout and convinced yourself you didn't need to add the extra litres of shower water to your bill. We all know that it's better not to wash your hair too often anyway.

I hope by now that all of you know about the miracle product that is dry shampoo. And if you do, but you'd like some other inspiration as to how to deal with your greasy hair, then listen up.

how to hide greasy hair Credit: Pexels

How to hide greasy hair...

Here are 13 different hairstyles that'll have your locks looking fresh again.

1. Switch the middle part for a side part

One reason greasy hair looks so drab is that your roots are weighed down and your hair looks flat as a result.

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A side part will serve you well because your hair will be given a little more volume when it's folded over to the side compared to when it's just parted in the middle.

2. Try a half bun

This half-up, half-down style pulls all the greasy bits into a messy bun, while the rest of your still-okay hair cascades down your back giving the illusion that your scalp isn't actually the slimeball it currently is.

3. A milkmaid braid helps disguise greasy hair

Draping the fresh parts of your hair to cover up the oily parts is the new comb-over. Only, it looks much cooler.

4. Or Dutch braids

Hide your feral fringe with two braids starting right from the top of your forehead all the way back.

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Tease out the plaits at the end to loosen them a little for a more easy-going look.

5. Slick it up even more

Why not just go all out and add more moisture to your hair – apply a gel and comb it back into a slicked-back look that speaks "sophisticated and neat".

6. Add some volume to your roots

Dry shampoo (duh) or just gently clipping the hair on your crown back and spraying lightly with hairspray before letting it loose again will do wonders. The added volume will put your greasy roots in the shadows.

hair styles greasy hair kind of the booth Credit: King of the Booth

7. Cover up with a headband

A thick headband or one with a big bow will not only pull back your hair to cover how greasy it is but also distract people from looking too closely at your roots. You could also try something like a silk headscarf for a cute boho look.

8. Just chuck a hat on

In the cooler months you'll probably be wearing a beanie anyway, so why not just make it part of your "look" indoors as well. Summer? Go for a cap (bonus points if it's millennial pink) or a felt hat that goes with your outfit.

9. Claw clips can help hide greasy hair

These are a GODSEND. Wrangle your hair into a twist or a bun or just go freestyle – clipping it up will add height and create loose volume to hide your oily roots.

hair clip greasy hair style claw clip Credit: ASOS

10. Baby powder is a good alternative to dry shampoo

If you're in a pinch, and have run out of your trusty dry shampoo, baby powder is a great alternative. Simply pour a little into your palm and massage into your roots. But make sure that you've rubbed it in enough to avoid any white streaks.

11. Accessorize!

A few strategically placed butterfly clips can be a wonderful distraction, and they're trendy to boot! Viva la 90's!

12. Wear a high ponytail

A slicked-back high ponytail, à la Kim Kardashian, works wonders to alleviate the look of greasy roots.

13. Admit defeat, and give your greasy hair a wash

Sometimes there's just no alternative, and you have to admit defeat. If you've gone one day too many without a wash, and you really can tell, it's probably best just to have a good wash, and show off your locks the following day. I mean, you were going to have to do it eventually...