Beyoncé’s makeup artist shares his genius hack to ensure her makeup lasts

Beyoncé’s makeup artist shares his genius hack to ensure her makeup lasts

Beyoncé’s Coachella performance really was one for the ages. Not only was she the first black woman to headline the colossal music festival, but she treated festival-goers to a super extravagant stage show, a Destiny's Child reunion and a number of carefully planned gestures towards causes close to her heart.

And while she was slaying the stage with her notoriously fierce dance choreography, fans couldn't help but wonder how her makeup was able to stay on during the two-hour set in the California desert heat (including four wardrobe changes, mind you). Well, thanks to a series of interviews with Beyoncé’s long-time makeup artist, Sir John, we now know exactly how the Run The World singer's makeup lasts.

"It's basically like keeping your makeup on through two hours of cardio," Sir John told Refinery 29. "Layering is the key, so you want to use a liquid foundation, then set it with bronzer; a cream blush, then set it with powder blush; eyeliner, then set it with shadow. No matter what part of the face, it has a double application."

He told Glamour that layering cream and powder is so much more effective for helping makeup last than using any kind of setting spray. "It’s the only way the makeup stays anchored throughout the day," he insists.

Another trick Queen Bey's makeup artist swears by is to avoid using moisturiser before applying makeup. While everyone should moisturise as part of their daily skincare routine, he says that on the day of a big event you should skip it.

Between sets, Sir John had less than a minute to do touch-ups on the singer's makeup. His priority was blotting away any oil or perspiration to minimise shine when she was under bright lights on stage.

"You want to blot your oil or perspiration before you go in with powder," he told Allure. "I used to live in New York City and I would see women on the subway every morning just going in with powder when they’re shiny, pressing the oil back into their pores. You want to absorb that [oil], and then place your powder."

Another genius hack from Sir John? "Cigarette rolling papers are cheap and 99 cents everywhere and they have the same texture as $17 or $18 blotting papers." Note taken.

Beyoncé's Coachella look was all the more dazzling because makeup wasn't just applied to her face. "I found this new body makeup called AllEven, it's a spray makeup but it will not move. You can have white sheets and sleep and it won't transfer. I use it on her boobs, arms, and legs," Sir John told Refinery 29.

On describing how he designed her makeup look for the festival, he said he was trying to channel a "college girl on campus" look.

"She wanted to look young, fresh and like she wasn't trying too hard," he said. "I was really inspired by the dress rehearsal, I didn't want to take her out of the element of the show by making her too girly or too minimal or sleek, I wanted her to look like a college girl on campus."

No matter what he was channelling, Beyoncé stole the show completely on her own – all while looking amazing, of course.