Bodybuilder risks his life by injecting his body with oil in order to achieve 23-inch biceps

Bodybuilder risks his life by injecting his body with oil in order to achieve 23-inch biceps

A Brazilian bodybuilder is risking his life by injecting oil into his biceps, pectorals and back muscles in pursuit of an ultra-muscular Hulk-like physique, the Daily Mail has reported.

In spite of the dangers (including the risk of stroke and infection) of such a lifestyle, Valdir Segato is insisting on boosting his biceps to 23 inches by using Synthol injections.

Segato, who is in his early 50s, has been using these injections for years.

Take a look at the bodybuilder flexing his muscles:

The Sao Paulo native cites Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters such as The Hulk as inspirations behind his extreme physique.

Dubbed 'The Monster' by locals in his hometown, Segato has no plans to put a stop to his potentially life-threatening obsession - despite being warned that his lifestyle puts him at risk of amputation, nerve damage, and muscle disfigurement.

Segato, who is a construction worker by profession, said in 2016: "They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I've doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger."

The Synthol injections have no impact on his strength or athleticism and the results are purely cosmetic. Proud of his unconventional look, Segato often posts photos and videos of his body to social media.

His current appearance, however, is a far cry from the emaciated figure he once had as young drug addict.

"I got involved with drugs and I started losing weight because you don't eat, you lead a wrong life," he explained.

Eventually, Segato decided to quit drugs and start working out - but soon enough began to desire a more extreme body than the gym alone could offer.

After being told about Synthol by a fellow gym-goer, he soon became hooked on the substance.

"The doctors tell me to stop it, the advice they give me is to stop using," Segato said. "But it's my decision to use it because I want to, because I like to."

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