Chrissy Teigen posted about her grey hair on Twitter and people are loving it

Chrissy Teigen posted about her grey hair on Twitter and people are loving it

Chrissy Teigen has always been very open about her personal life, sharing undercover footage of all that goes on in the lives of the rich and famous. We've been along to most of Chrissy's tanning sessions, seen her stretch marks (which she exhibits proudly), and even witnessed the time she put on a face mask mid-air, frightening the other passengers on the plane.

Just last week she shared a video to Snapchat of her getting ready for an event, in which she was standing in nothing but her maternity shape wear and boob tape, while her assistants were helping the pregnant model get ready. Covering her chest in the video, Teigen said to the camera: "Tricks of the trade, little tape, little tape."

chrissy teigen boob tape maternity pregnancy grey hair Credit: Snapchat / Chrissy Teigen

And just yesterday, she once again took to social media to get candid about her image, but this time it was about her hair.

"I have a skunk like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it," she tweeted. "My cruella dreams are coming true!"

Yep, turns out that the 32-year-old model/Twitter queen/mother faces the same thing that the rest of us mere mortals do: getting old. While she didn't share a picture, her enthusiastic welcome to her greys and her excitement to look like the villainous Cruella de Vil made everyone love her even more.

The tweet received over 56,000 likes, and the comments stream is full of people saying how much they love their own grey streaks too.

"I find new grey hairs on my head every day and I LOVE THEM," one person wrote. "I’m only 24, so I’m not sure why they’re already here but I call them my unicorn hairs."

Most women start noticing grey hairs at the age of 35, but premature greying is also pretty common. Men tend to go grey before women, but it usually just all comes down to genetics.

"These aren’t my grey hairs," tweeted another. "These are my life experience stripes and I’ve [earned] each one proudly!"

A number of fans also took the opportunity to proudly post pictures of their own "skunk-like streaks" and share stories of when they first noticed they were going grey.

One woman even shared a picture of her younger sister, showing how she had already developed a prominent white patch of hair when she was very young. "My little sister’s gray hair started coming in when she was 5 or six years old," she tweeted. "Even some babies are born with gray hair. So beautiful!"

Awww! She posted another picture, showing how her little sister had adopted the exact same grey patch as her mother.

Wow! Even the youngsters are showing us how to work grey streaks like a boss.

In related news, Jessica Biel wasn't afraid to flaunt her own grey locks either, showing them off on the red carpet at the Golden Globes earlier this month.