Christmas tree hair is the next crazy beauty trend and it's so festive

Christmas tree hair is the next crazy beauty trend and it's so festive

The festive period is almost upon us, and for those who love all things beauty, it's the perfect excuse to play dress up with your appearance. But while the majority of us opt for some sparkly eyeliner and red lipstick for the office party, it seems as if some people have taken a bit too much inspiration from the residents of Whoville.

Enter the new gravity-defying hairstyle: Christmas tree hair. The self-explanatory look is created by styling hair into an upside-down cone shape - mimicking a Christmas tree - before decorating your tresses with ornaments.

A video by What's Trending says that the style is achieved by placing an empty water bottle or cone on top of your head as a guide. The hair is then smoothed up over the top of the bottle or cone, and held in place with a hair elastic and hair spray.

Some people are even going so far as to dye their hair green, and adding lights to really resemble a Christmas tree.

Just take a gander at these crazy, festive looks...

1. Now, that is commitment 

2. She's lit up 

3. Look at all those baubles! 

4. Tinsel adds a nice touch 

5. It's not just for women! 

6. Go big or go home

7. Add some green, and you're golden 

8. Or some UV...

9. Now, that is attention grabbing

10. Two is better than one, after all

11. A real statement...

Well, I think I've got my office party look sorted...