'Fishtail brows' are the latest beauty trend taking the internet by storm

'Fishtail brows' are the latest beauty trend taking the internet by storm

Here we go again ladies, it's time to be introduced to the latest eyebrow trend. 2017 gave us a slew of 'brow trends' that ranged from quirky to outright ridiculous, including squiggle brows, feather brows and McDonald's brows. And because it seems we're always searching for new inspiration about what to do with our forehead caterpillars, the latest thing to try at home is 'fishtail brows'.

While it may have seemed like we would finally leave our eyebrows alone this year, we were wrong. Fishtail brows are here and they mark the first new brow trend of 2018.

The fishy new look sees you separating the hairs on your eyebrow so it looks like it's split into a fishtail, with one "fin" pointing up, and the rest left as is. Like all good brow trends, the look has swept Instagram, but it really took off after makeup mogul, Huda Kattan, shared the look to her 24.5 million followers.

Behold, the fishtail brow:

Huda wrote that she thinks she looks a little devilish with her brows done up like that, and asked her followers what they thought. "Nice make up but that's terrifying," one commenter wrote, while it seemed another was only able to muster "Noooooooooo". Most people found the fun in it though, dotting the post with laughing emojis and comments like: "Always another brow trend, it’s cute tho".

But while some commenters said the look was better reserved for Halloween or an avant-garde photo shoot, it seemed a lot of people wanted to try it out for themselves right away.

The look is created by using an eyebrow pencil to draw and shade in the upper 'fin', before applying concealer to hide hair and create a gap in the eyebrow.

Some people are saying they look more like devil horns than fish tails.

And we can see why...

But funnily enough, the person who started the fishtail frenzy actually faked the whole thing to begin with. The initial looks of the fishtail brow were entirely photoshopped, thanks to the efforts of @skyzeditz. They gave some of the top beauty influencers (like Huda Kattan) a digital makeover, which is how the whole thing started.

Even Rihanna got a taste of the fishtail brows!

The beauty and fashion blogger later even released a tutorial on how to achieve the look – a Photoshop tutorial, of course.

This brow trend, as wacky as it may look, actually turned out to be a pretty interesting experiment. The person photoshopping the brows was able to attract the attention of the whole internet by altering the faces of the most influential beauty bloggers, which then resulted in people trying to do the beauty trick at home themselves too.

So, will you be trying out fishtail brows too? If you're not sure that you'll suit the look, at least you've got the means to try it out on Photoshop first...