Gigi Hadid has bangs now and once you see them you'll want them too

Gigi Hadid has bangs now and once you see them you'll want them too

Gigi Hadid has never been afraid to get a little experimental with her hair and makeup looks. It's not just when she's rocking the cover of some highbrow fashion mag or sashaying down the red carpet for the Met Gala – the 23-year-old has always loved bold looks.

Her hair is naturally a blonde-brown tone, with her long locks usually falling around her face in that perfectly imperfect messy I-just-woke-up-like-this style. But she's never been afraid to mix it up over the years, like when she dyed her ponytail a bright bubble-gum pink.

Or when she fooled everyone on April 1st by posting a selfie featuring what looked like a pixie cut.

And the time she transported everyone back a few eras with this 'do.

But just recently, the model has shocked fans by uploading a video to Instagram which suggests she might have adopted a more permanent style – bangs. Getting bangs is something probably most girls have toyed with at some point in their lives, with the most daring of us actually going through with the chop and seeing if we can pull it off.

Gigi recently posted a video of herself sitting in what looks like a salon chair, with makeup artists and hairstylists rushing about and prodding her to add the final touches to her look. Despite the bold and playful peachy make-up look, people were quick to notice her hair – which was wet, wavy, and chopped to reveal that the model had gotten bangs.

In the midst of being styled, people were quick to notice that Gigi was showing off the new chop, touching her hair as if fascinated by the new look. But... if you investigate a little further, you'll notice that it might not be real at all. The caption is just of a few mystical emojis and a bunch of people tagged on Instagram – hair and makeup artists, as well as Vogue Italia and its editor, Patti Wilson.

If you take a look at Patti's Instagram, you can see that Gigi's video is of an editorial shoot she did with the magazine. Yes, there are some shots with the model showing off the bangs, but in others, it's her usual slicked-back hair, with no evidence of the new cut.

Chances are that the fringe was just a wig, or perhaps even clip-on bangs, used only for this editorial shoot. And I'm sorry to break it to you, but it's also not the first time she's donned bangs either...

There was this time in Paris where she went for a casual up-do with a loose fringe vibe.

This rose-gold style with blunt bangs.

And this bob with a short, choppy fringe that had a real old-school glam vibe.

Most of these turned out to be clip-ons or wigs, meaning it's unlikely that she's actually committed to bangs. I guess it's just the nature of her job – as a fashion model regularly working with different brands and editorial shoots, she's more often than not the plaything for stylists and makeup artists to try different looks out on.

Nevertheless, maybe it's given you inspiration to finally get the chop yourself. And if you're still nervous about actually going through with the haircut, then just do what Gigi did and try the temporary option first.