Girl shares pictures of what happened when she cried after a spray tan, and the internet is screaming

Girl shares pictures of what happened when she cried after a spray tan, and the internet is screaming

I've always been extremely pale. When I was a kid, people laughed at me when I took my shirt off, because my skin was milky white. I felt frustrated, because the only way to get a tan was to sunbathe at the beach. But when I tried to sunbathe at the beach, people teased me for being extremely pale. I couldn't win! (If only it was the 1800's, when it was cool to be pale.)

I suppose I should've gotten a spray tan. Hey, it worked for Donald Trump! Tanning beds were an option for a while, but after UV rays were linked to skin cancer, many people bailed. This made spray-tans the most viable option, but there's one rule you must follow: Don't cry afterwards. Recently a girl named Alex cried after her spray-tan, and shared photos of her streaky face on Twitter.  "I've always been told not to cry after a spray tan," said Alex. But apparently, she couldn't keep her tears bottled up.

The tweet went viral, with over 15,000 likes and 75,000 likes. It's a funny photo. The streaks look a bit like she was clawed by a monster. Several Twitter users revealed that they were guilty of making the same mistake, bursting into tears after their spray-tan, rendering their face a splotchy streaky mess. They shared their embarrassing photos, to let Alex know she was not alone. (And also, probably to get attention. Hey, this is the Internet.)

Micalyn's tears trickled down her streaks to form a V-shaped river on her neck.

This Twitter user's tears left two thick rivulets, but she kept a good sense of humor about it, giving a thumb up.

"It happens to the most of us," said Bryn, encouragingly, staring off into the distance in deep contemplation.

McKylni didn't cry after her spray tan, but she did fall asleep and drool. That turned out to be just embarrassing, as she drooled half of her spray-tan off her face.

It is not known why all these people were crying after their spray-tans. Maybe they watched Titanic or The Notebook, or were told some devastating news? I don't know. However, several Twitter users pointed out that all hope is not lost: The streaks are easily fixable. If you apply rubbing alcohol, exfoliating wipes or even Windex - yes, Windex - you can expunge those embarrassing streaks. (That is, if you want to get rid of them. Maybe you could keep them, and rock the look with confidence, making streaky faces the hot new trend.)

Well, summer is just around the corner. You don't want everyone at the beach to make fun of you for being extremely pale, do you? So, you might want to get a spray-tan. Just make sure not to cry afterwards, or fall asleep and drool during the application. Personally, I'm going to avoid the beach, because the sun is my mortal enemy.