Halle Berry's trainer reveals how she got her incredible body

Halle Berry's trainer reveals how she got her incredible body

Either she's a vampire, or you know, just your average 21st-century health and wellness freak, but it's evident that Halle Berry isn't acquainted with the ageing process. Certainly, while you'd expect some fine lines to start grazing the corners of your eyes and mouth once you hit 51, Halle is proving that it doesn't have to be that way with her radiant complexion and impossibly lean physique.

And in case you're wondering how you can retain your youthful looks into middle age like Halle, her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, recently opened up about her exercise regimen, and it's not as complex as you may have thought...

Speaking to People, Peter Lee Thomas, who has been working with Halle Berry for two years, revealed just how committed the actress is to fitness, confessing that he was "shell-shocked" to discover that she wasn't, in fact, 25-years-old.

"I had no idea what her age was when I met her. I never looked or was interested in that, and when I found out, I was absolutely shell-shocked because she has the discipline and athleticism of a 25-year old," Thomas said.

So, Thomas decided to push Halle to the limit, and prescribed her a routine that consisted of martial arts, boxing, yoga and even "a lot of military training [like] the Navy Seals would do." But the actress proved to be so adaptable that Thomas said that she could "very easily transition" into becoming a professional athlete if she so wanted.

"She’s also not afraid to experiment and explore and take risks when it comes to fitness," Thomas asserted, "because she understands that in order for there to be potential growth and change, she’s going to have to do things that are commonly difficult to do."

Thomas, who trains Halle five days a week, also told People that he mixes things up frequently, surprising Halle with something new every session. "I bring a constellation of things," he said. "That, in itself, is quite challenging because she has to be ready almost on improv. It can break a lot of people, who don’t see the workout the day prior."

But, of course, the actress's enviable physique is not wholly down to her exercise routine. Thomas added that Halle follows the Ketogenic diet, which is known for being so low carb that it effectively turns the body into a fat-burning machine. As well as aiding with weight loss, the Keto diet reportedly has many other benefits, such as reducing your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and improving cognitive function.

And although Halle has the help of Peter Lee Thomas, she has stressed that all you need to get started on your fitness journey is you. 

"You asked how to get started? It’s simple... you just decide to start!" she wrote on Instagram;

"You decide today that you are worth it! Trust me, I know it’s hard to focus up and dedicate time to working out each day, but with 24 hours in a day you can surely take ONE and dedicate it to YOU! You don’t need a fancy gym to get started - all you need is a living room, a patio, a kitchen floor, a driveway or a backyard, and a water bottle."

Well, it's evident that Halle Berry works hard for that body - and judging by her gruelling fitness regimen, she sure deserves it.