Here are the 6 workout moves Jenna Dewan swears by to get her insane body

Here are the 6 workout moves Jenna Dewan swears by to get her insane body

Jenna Dewan is apparently doing fiiine since her split with Channing Tatum. The couple announced their divorce earlier this month, saying that although they had been married for eight years, they had "lovingly chosen to separate as a couple". They said there were "no secrets or salacious events" which drove the split, and that they were still a loving family for their four-year-old daughter Everly.

Jenna removed the "Tatum" from the end of her name a few weeks ago and has thrown herself straight into a new film project, spotted on the set of upcoming musical drama Mixtape. The 37-year-old actor/dancer/mother is also not slowing down when it comes to her intense fitness regime, as she proved yesterday.

"Late night gym sessions with @iamjjdancer are NO JOKE,” the star wrote in an Instagram post yesterday to accompany a snippet of a gruelling gym workout she did with Jennifer Johnson (aka JJ Dancer). Jenna linked a YouTube video in the post, which reveals the whole-body workout in its entirety.

"I'm about to get my butt kicked by this woman," Jenna says at the start of the two-minute video, looking at JJ Dancer as they do a warmup on a trampoline. From there, it's full-on into a series of six exercises that are sure to blast every muscle in the body. Could these six workout moves be the secret to Jenna's insane bod (and killer dance moves)? Maybe, so pay attention.

First, she goes for some (1) barbell hip thrusts, raising a weighted barbell with her hips to work her booty. She then moves on to ab exercises – but wait – no crunches in sight. The 37-year-old does a series of balanced (2) Swiss ball knee tucks, before doing a round of (3) hanging knee tucks. Her trainer reminds her to do them slowly to really target the tummy.

Next up are (4) single-arm dumbbell rows, giving the glutes and tum a bit of a break. This is followed by (5) reverse lunges using a weighted barbell in a behind-the-neck grip. The final move is yet another full-body move with an emphasis on the glutes, it's (6) deadlifts using a very heavy-looking barbell.

Jenna says she does three to four sets of eight to 12 repetitions of each of the exercises. Throw in a few spontaneous twerking moves between exercises and the workout is done! As for whether it's good to work out late at night or not (this is a 10pm workout), it doesn't really matter as long as you're not depriving yourself of sleep.

And it's not always that she does her workouts late at night. It seems that she, like so many of us, just tries to squeeze a workout in whenever she can.

"I love 45-minute power workouts," she told Women's Health. "I get in, do my thing, and then I'm able to go pick up Everly from school. It gives me energy."

She's mentioned before that she needs someone there to help "motivate" her while exercising, and Jennifer is her favourite gym buddy.

"I need somebody to motivate me, or a class or a trainer," she added. "I like the motivation of having somebody watching over and giving me inspiration."

Well, even if you aren't quite able to book a personal session with JJ yourself, at least you've got this video to work from. Thanks Jenna!