Here's the reason why Paris Jackson's eyes are so incredibly blue

Here's the reason why Paris Jackson's eyes are so incredibly blue

Paris Jackson caught our attention this week when she debuted the trending "unicorn hair" look at an LA event. Her usual blonde-brown-balayage was replaced with a rainbow of muted shades of pink, lavender, peach and blonde. It looked amazing, and she proved that this hair colour would be kicking around a while longer yet.

But while we were transfixed by her mystical new hair, another feature the starlet is famous for caught our attention: her eyes. Her father, Michael Jackson, had dark eyes, so it seems like Paris inherited her baby blues from her mother, Debbi Rowe. But there's something extra special about Paris' peepers, and it's to do with the reason why they're so incredibly pale.

Compared to regular shades of blue, Paris' irises are far lighter, brighter, and really stand out when she's wearing red carpet makeup. But it has been revealed that it's not just expertly applied eye makeup or a trick of the light that explains why they look so unusually blue. And no, it's not contacts either, but a rare condition the 20-year-old has.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Paris' go-to makeup artist, Jo Baker, spoke about the model's eyes, commenting: "They’re absolutely striking".

"Her eyes are always something I’m keen to draw attention to," Jo added. She said that Paris prefers to keep things simple with her makeup, but likes when Jo goes bold with her lashes and her brows. This adds emphasis to her eyes, which Jo revealed are so dramatically blue because she has a "rare eye condition".

While she didn't specify exactly what it was, she did add that the condition doesn't impact Paris' eyesight at all. Many people speculate this "rare eye condition" could be Waardenburg Syndrome, a genetic condition that can affect the pigmentation of your eyes. People with the syndrome usually have strikingly blue eyes like Paris', a different colour in each eye, or a mix of two colours in each eye. It can also impact the colour of your skin and hair.

Paris could be one of the one in 40,000 people who are affected by the rare condition (according to The US National Library of Medicine), but again, it hasn't been confirmed that Paris has it at all.

Jo explained that while Paris doesn't like going too dramatic with her makeup, she's been giving her a little more creative freedom to really make her eyes pop.

"Paris likes a really clean look," Jo said. "Every time we have a red carpet moment, we look each other in the eyes and I ask, ‘How far are you going to let me go?’ She has to be gently nudged into [experimenting with] colour."

And although it'll be hard for the rest of us with our ordinarily-hued eyes to recreate Paris' best looks, Jo did give a hot tip for upping your eyeshadow game. "I love using eyeshadows with a damp brush since it really brings out the pigment,” she said, adding that it will also make your eyeshadow look far creamier. Nice!