Instagram fitness star posts side-by-side videos to get real about post-baby bodies

Instagram fitness star posts side-by-side videos to get real about post-baby bodies

Throughout history, women have been expected to conform to some pretty ridiculous beauty standards. We've been coaxed into wearing corsets and horrible waist-shrinking granny pants, been lambasted with adverts about "beach bodies" and weight-watching schemes, and now get tormented every day with washboard-thin Insta models and celebrities who won't stop going on about their size 2 figures.

However, aside from the fact that some of us simply don't want to look a certain way, there has always been one huge obstacle in the way of achieving the latest on-trend body image: pregnancy. Because - no matter how much we claim to value mothers and people who put themselves through physical hell in order to have a kid - a postnatal bod has never widely been seen as desirable.

Thankfully, there are people out there who have devised a healthy way to go about losing unwanted baby weight - and Emily Skye is just one of them.

In a recent update on her fitspiration Insta, the mother-of-one shared a side-by-side picture of herself just four months after giving birth - and the difference is almost unbelievable. On the left, Skye still has her healthy, post-baby bump, but, on the right, she's got an impressive set of abs.

"I’ve had the baby blues, illness, injury, tears, some excuses and a lot of sweat along the way but I’ve done the best I can without sacrificing my precious time with Mia and I’ve done it slowly and healthily," she said.

"I was going to say I haven’t reached my goal yet but I guess I have because my goal is simply to improve myself which is what I’m working on each day! I’m proud of what my body can do and how far I’ve come! I’m feeling great and I’m feeling more like my old self but WAY better because I’m a mum to a beautiful little girl."

emilyskyefit pregnancy progress Credit: Instagram/emilyskyefit

After that, she shared a video of her progress at 20 weeks - and her dedication to her routine is plain to see. Along with her posts, she always makes sure to share some words of encouragement for new mothers who are in the same boat:

"Don’t ever doubt yourself - you can achieve it if you set your mind to it, work at it everyday [sic] and don’t let hurdles stop you. Remember to focus on your journey and celebrate small achievements along the way. Dont [sic] be too hard on yourself (my downfall) and definitely don’t compare yourself and your progress to others (also my downfall haha - but I’m working on it)!

"I’m off to LA tomorrow for some exciting things which I can’t wait to share with you.. but my nasty inner voice keeps telling me silly things like; I’m not ready, I’m not lean enough and I’m not good enough bla bla bla... I’ve told that voice to shut up as it doesn’t serve me in the slightest! 

"I am good enough, I look and feel great, I’ve done the best I can and I deserve everything I’ve achieved so far and everything I’m working towards. I’m choosing to OWN IT!"

Obviously, not everyone has the means to work on their figure like Skye does, but her posts are encouraging no matter what shape you're in. Congratulations to the new mom - not just on her amazing progress, but also on her baby girl!