Man shares gruesome video picking at cracked, yellow calloused feet 

Man shares gruesome video picking at cracked, yellow calloused feet 

A grotesque video - uploaded to the Facebook page, Medical Sharing - shows a man picking at his foot, which is covered in thick, yellow calluses, and it's just as vomit-inducing as you'd imagine.

The minute long clip - which has garnered a whopping 13 million views -  shows the person, who is thought to be a man, picking at the sole of their right foot. The calluses are so thick, in fact, that they appear unmovable as he attempts to peel off segments with his thumbnail.

Credit: Facebook / Medical Sharing

A dermatologist has since asserted that the individual has hyperkeratosis, a condition wherein too many layers of skin have been produced. It is caused by an overdevelopment of keratin, a protein which makes up hair, skin, and nails. The body may produce too much protein to protect the skin if it is damaged as a result of friction. If the skin is allowed to become hard and thick, medical help may be required.

Nobody speaks in the video, which initially seems like it will show a satisfying removal of the dead, calloused skin. However, the area is so tough that nothing comes off, and the man in question just pokes and prods at it.

Speaking to The Sun, Robert Duff, a podiatrist at Margaret Dabbs London said "It’s a skin condition known as plantar hyperkeratosis, where excess keratin is produced by the body to thicken the skin in certain places, soles of the feet being a common area."

"The reason it affects the feet is because it’s an area of increased pressure from standing and walking," he continued. "In terms of treatment, sufferers should see a podiatrist regularly who will debride the callus using a scalpel blade."

Duff added that wearing comfortable, padded shoes could reduce the risk of the calluses developing.

People were naturally grossed out by the video. "I could've gone my whole life without seeing this," wrote one Facebook user, while another added "Give me a surgical blade i could have such fun."

Credit: Facebook

Well, hands up if you've been put off your dinner...

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