Mom praised for sharing post-pregnancy pictures of saggy skin

Mom praised for sharing post-pregnancy pictures of saggy skin

A mom-of-three has made the brave decision to post pictures showing the reality of what the female body goes through during and after pregnancy, and has attracted thousands of followers in the process.

Sheri Grant, 29, posted photos of her post-pregnancy body to Instagram in the hope of encouraging other mothers to embrace the physical changes that motherhood brings about.

In Sheri's case, the effects of pregnancy on her body mainly revolved around her skin, and more specifically the amount of sagging her skin had been subjected to as a result of having kids.

Sheri gives her followers a closer look at her post-pregnancy body:

Sheri has come a long way since her teen years, a time when she was at her most self-conscious about her figure.

The 29-year-old, from New South Wales, revealed how her self-esteem had taken a huge hit when she was told by acquaintances that she was "too skinny" while she was growing up.

Sheri also reflected on how demeaning it was to have adults commenting on her figure as a young girl, and constantly being told to eat more because she looked "sick".

It was only in 2014 when she had her first child, William, that she began to love her body exactly the way it is. She has since had two more children, three-year-old Casey and one-year-old Kyle.

Realising that her post-pregnancy body was the result of bringing three beautiful children into the world, she was finally able to love and accept herself for the way she is.

"Every single line, wrinkle, strechmark tells a story, every inch of my body is a book waiting to be written," Sheri wrote on Instagram.

Sheri also opened up about how she now hopes to become the role model she needed back when she was an insecure young girl, and that she plans to continue using Instagram as a platform to do so.

Since she started posting on her Instagram, the influencer has been flooded with supportive comments from her followers.

"Love your posts! I do love my body but I have my days... and you always seem to post something beautiful like this on my bad days that makes me love me again," one inspired user wrote.

"Preach mumma. I'm here when ever you need xoxo. Love you and your vibe gorgeous!!" another follower wrote.

"Thanks for sharing the reality," a third chimed in.