Mushroom blond hair is this summer's big trend you’re about to see everywhere

Mushroom blond hair is this summer's big trend you’re about to see everywhere

From toasted coconut to toasty melt to peach cobbler, the latest trend in hair colouring seems to be 'good enough to eat'. Now, what's the next delicious trend for us to colour our hair with? Well, mushrooms aren't really something I enjoy eating often (in fact, I think they're kind of gross), but mushroom blonde hair is something I can definitely get behind.

Searches for this new hair colour on Pinterest are up 308 percent according to Glamour, and while mushrooms aren't exactly the most visually exciting form of food (unless we're talking the poisonous or hallucinogenic kind), mushroom blond hair really is something to take in. Stunning, I think, in a way that real mushrooms could never be.

Not quite blonde, not quite brunette, mushroom blond hair is one for the on-the-fence kind of people; the ambiverts, the people in between who don't quite fit neatly into one category. "It’s right in between light brown and dark blond, like an ashier version of brond," Stephanie Brown, master colourist at New York City's IGK Salon Soho, explained to Glamour.

"I love the idea of using mushrooms to describe the tone of the hair color," says Joel Warren, celebrity colorist and founder of The Salon Project.

"They have so many different tones of beige and gray that are hard to describe. These tones evolved from the gray and silver trend to a slightly more natural look. The combinations with highlights and low lights gives a beautiful modern look."

So, how do you get mushroom blonde hair off of Instagram, and into your luscious locks? Simple: Brown says that you should start off by asking your hairdresser for a light brown or dark blond subtle ombré, along with both light brown and dark blond pieces. But don't forget to ask for something ashy, though, otherwise you'll be left with a 'brond', and that simply won't do, will it?

So there you have it. It might be slightly tempting to go warmer this summer, but go for the mushroom blonde and you'll not only look awesome, but you'll be able to subvert expectations and stand out from the crowd too.

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