Paris Jackson debuts new unicorn hair style and looks totally transformed

Paris Jackson debuts new unicorn hair style and looks totally transformed

While you can't blame us for becoming low-key obsessed with trends in hair and beauty, it's reassuring to know that celebrities are tempted to try the latest fads too. Last week we were introduced to 'blood moon hair', and before that we were mesmerised by something called 'holographic hair'. But one of the original colour combinations that started this wave of bold colour looks was 'unicorn hair', which is just as exciting as it sounds.

And it turns out that none other than Paris Jackson wanted to get in on the trend too.

Paris attended the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday and debuted a brand new look: the aforementioned unicorn hair. The mystical colour trend has been kicking around for a while now – especially popular last year when we all became obsessed with unicorns and mermaids again – and Paris has proved that the style is not slowing down any time soon.

Styled in a dead-straight look that was half-up-half-down, the 20-year-old's usual blonde balayage hair was transformed into a rainbow of muted pink, lavender, blonde and peach hues. Behold:

Hairstylist and colourist Riawna Capri frequently works with the starlet, and it was a combined effort between her and celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea that created the new unicorn hair look. Referring to Giannandrea who completed the half-up-half-down look, Riawna said he "killed it".

Riawna started off the look, last week posting a picture of Paris with a new peach-toned balayage, which Giannandrea worked from to achieve the unicorn hair look.

"Sublime subtle hair color palette for @parisjackson for this fantastic girl, started with @riawna peach balayage then I followed up with an array of tones to enhance her strength and femininity to rock out this half & down hairstyle," Giannandrea wrote  on Instagram about his masterpiece.

It looks like Riawna loved what he did with her original peach look, gushing on Instagram with the same photo: "Look at this beauty @ParisJackson !!! No better way to enhance that #PeachyParis color than with a few unicorn pieces !!! @GiannandreaHair: you killed it with this look!"

But incredibly, it looks like no actual dye was used to achieve the look. Giannandrea separated Jackson's hair with rollers before straightening the sides. He then took the rollers out and back-combed the hair to create the messy coif, before adding different coloured extensions to Paris' hair.

"I used pre-coloured extensions. It is much easier to have a strong effect without committing to full colour. It’s fun and safe,” Giannandrea told Allure.

"I always have a multitude of colours in my extensions trunk that span from platinum to black and everything in-between. For last night’s event, I was inspired by the use of colour in Jeremy Scott’s collections for Moschino and I wanted to integrate that element for Paris’s hairstyle while keeping her personal style vibrant, cool, effortless, and modern."

Paris attended the event to present an award, and to support her friend Jeremy Scott - the creative director at Moschino. He won the Creative of the Year award, which Paris gave to him with on stage.

Paris looked incredible, and taking the plunge to try the trend certainly paid off.