Meghan Markle freckle tattoos are now a thing and people are obsessed

Meghan Markle freckle tattoos are now a thing and people are obsessed

The royal wedding was already two whole years ago, yet I'm sure there are a lot of people who can still picture it like it was yesterday. The Givenchy gown, the floral archway to the chapel in Windsor Castle and – who can forget – Prince Harry whispering "you look amazing" to Meghan Markle  when she joined him at the altar – it's not really something you forget in a heartbeat.

Die-hard fans will also remember that Meghan proudly showed off her smattering of freckles on the big day. Her former makeup artist Lydia Sellers predicted that she would go with "a classic, timeless look" that was all about "natural, dewy-looking skin, with her freckles peeking through", when speaking to People.

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And sure enough, Meghan let her adorable summer spots show, which not only perfectly matched her taste for an authentic and natural look, but also blended flawlessly with the sunny day on which the wedding was held.

But funnily enough, Meghan seems to have left such an impression on people that they're wanting to mimic the look too. No, not just the natural makeup look, but freckles and all. In fact, cosmetic beauticians all over the world are reporting an increase in requests for facial tattoos that resemble the freckles of the new duchess.

Cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow told New Beauty that she's been "crazy busy" with people making appointments for freckle tattoos and that the royal wedding seems to have "boosted customers interest in the whole idea of freckles".

"I think cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup is really on the rise, and obviously with any trend, you will have people who will want to take advantage of that," she said.

Freckle tattoos take about an hour to apply, and the treatment is only semi-permanent. This means that they will last up to three years, initially looking very prominent, but gradually fading over time to look more natural. The technique is similar to microblading – the semi-permanent tattooing of eyebrows to make them look more full and shaped.

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"Even if this is ‘semipermanent,’ there are risks," Gabrielle warns, "such as technicians who will go too deep or not use the proper inks."

Even makeup artists who don't specialise in the permanent version of faux freckles have noticed an increased interest in the look. Makeup artist Courtney Larrabee told New Beauty that she's been asked to add fake freckles by her customers lately, with some even bringing in pictures of Meghan as their source of inspiration.

"I’ve been asked to recreate Markle’s freckles a lot lately," Courtney said. "The secret is using a sharp felt tip eyeliner or brow pen. You want something in a brown or taupe that is soft and natural. It is important to remember to only use the tip of the pen to create the freckle, and dab it instantly with the flat of your fingertip to soften the look."

So even if you're not sure about getting freckles tattooed across your face, at least there's the low-commitment version you might want to experiment with first.