Research reveals women spend more than a month of their lives in the salon

Research reveals women spend more than a month of their lives in the salon

I don't know about you, but nothing is more blissful than sitting in a salon chair, and flicking through some glossy magazines, while someone tends to my worn out tresses.

I mean, the world is crashing and burning around us, so what better way to alleviate anxiety surrounding the midterm elections and climate change than indulging in some good, old fashioned - and Instagram approved - #selfcare?

This is no new phenomenon, however. Since the dawn of our looks-obsessed society, we humans have sought solace in having someone else look after us for an hour or two.

And now, new research has revealed that the average British woman spends more than a month of her life at the salon.

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The survey, which was carried out by retailer, discovered that the average woman spends just under 14 hours in the salon each year, or 36 days over the course of a lifetime.

Researchers asked women how often they visit their hairdresser and how long they spend having their hair done. Visits include cut and blow dries, which take around 45 minutes, and a full colour, which can take two and a half hours.

The majority of respondents visited their salon for a trim every six weeks, and those that had their hair coloured paid a trip every three months.

The study didn't take into account one-off visits to the hairdressers for special occasions, such as weddings and parties, or for special treatments like hair extensions.

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"I love going to the hairdressers so 36 days over the course of lifetime sounds fine, in fact I’d happily sit there for longer. What is there not to like - a couple of hours of me time, being drip-fed coffee and with a pile of glossy magazines to look through. Added to that, I get the chance to have a really good gossip with the stylists. It’s the perfect way to spend a few hours," said one participant.

Another corroborated;

"Keeping my hair looking great is really important to me. There’s nothing worse than a bad hair day, especially if you have something special planned, so keeping it in top condition is a must for me. I have short hair so visit my salon every four weeks – without those regular trims my hair would be a disaster."

"I have long hair and get it trimmed every six weeks, otherwise the ends would be a mess. A quick snip takes hardly any time – more than worth it to keep my hair looking good," a third added.

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When speaking about the findings - Francesca Davies - spokesperson for said "If your hair looks great, you feel great so 36 days over the course of a lifetime is nothing for fabulous looking hair."

"Every woman knows how important it is to look after your hair. A regular trim and tidy up keeps the spilt ends at bay and keeps your hair looking and feeling great. A colour always adds some extra shine to your hair and can give you some lovely tones which you can’t achieve at home.

How often you visit the hairdressers depends on the length and style of your hair. If you have a short pixie cut, you may find you need to go more often so it keeps its shape. If you have longer hair, you can often get away with going less regularly although it is still important to have it trimmed to keep your locks in good condition."