The secret tool Madonna uses to get youthful skin is most likely in your kitchen drawer right now

The secret tool Madonna uses to get youthful skin is most likely in your kitchen drawer right now

Back in 2008, Madonna was involved in a short but embarrassing time in the spotlight thanks to her "Airbrushing Scandal". Two photos from a promotional shoot for her album Hard Candy were leaked online, showing a stark difference between the original photo and a heavily photoshopped one. While everyone knows that most images of celebrities are altered in post-production, the brightness and smoothness of her skin was a little OTT for the Queen of Pop, who had her hey-day back in the 80's.

madonna photoshop fail scandal skin Credit: Tumblr

Still, you can't deny that she's got offensively good-looking skin at age 59 now, and the singer is one of those celebrities that appears to be ageing backwards. So what's her secret?

Madonna famously stays out of the sun, choosing to shade herself with big scarves when outside, and she's very invested in facial treatments and trying out expensive beauty trends. But her latest skincare routine has left everyone a little surprised due to the accessibility of the specific tool she was using.

In a rather quirky video uploaded to Instagram, Madonna filmed herself getting a facial with a Snapchat filter that added digital bangs and a chipmunk voice effect.

"I’m just getting a facial right now from an aesthetician," she, er... squeaked. "OK, her name is Skillets and she’s really good at doing facial when I’m wearing my hair in bangs with a bow tie on my head."

"I just say, 'Work around it Skillets', and she does. I don’t know how she gets those tools under the hair but she does it."

But what was perhaps most entertaining about the behind-the-scenes beauty vid was that the advanced, high-tech, specially developed tool that the aesthetician was using appeared to be... just a regular old fork. Two of them, to be exact.

"It’s amazing, look at this little facial happening with a fork," the Vogue singer commented. "Forks are really good, they tighten the skin. Have you tightened your face with a fork?"

Yep, while the rest of us are out here spending $300 on handheld facial devices with LED and ultrasound technologies, Madonna is over here using kitchen utensils.

She finished her video by adding something else that left fans a little concerned: "Have you ever stabbed someone with a fork? I’ve done both. Anyway, it’s crazy."

Yes, Madonna, you can say that again.

Back in 2015, facials done with tuning forks (you know, the ones for pianos) were a thing. The forks were struck to create vibrations and differently pitched sounds, before being placed on specific parts of the face. The vibrations were said to remove dark circles and wrinkles, stimulate collagen and tighten saggy skin.

But using an actual dinner fork – that's not something many of us have heard of. But anyway, it is Madonna after all, who is known to adopt odd trends like wearing cone-shaped bras.

Last year, the singer launched her own skincare range, MDNA, developed especially for ageing women. So if you want to apply the products in the same way Madonna does, it seems that all you have to do is rummage through your kitchen drawer.