This tiny $6.35 washing machine is perfect for cleaning your makeup sponges

This tiny $6.35 washing machine is perfect for cleaning your makeup sponges

My blending brush is a lifesaver, but it is an absolute b***h-and-a-half to clean. But what if it was as easy as popping in a load of laundry? Well, the newest viral trend is something we've all been waiting for.

This small, plastic washing machine was designed as a children's toy, and beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis originally bought it for her dollhouse. But when she posted a video on Instagram of her using the miniature device to clean her makeup sponges, her 303,000 followers got VERY excited.

The minute-and-a-half long video shows Davis putting water, then cleanser, into the small washing machine. She presses a button on the front to make the machine slowly spin. When she removes her applicators, they're good as new.

Credit: Amazon

Only $6.35 on Amazon, the washing machine comes in several different colors and includes both a battery and a screwdriver. A small hose is attached on the side for easy draining after your makeup sponges are clean. And it's only 7.5 centimeters by 7.5 centimeters by 10.5 centimeters, so you can store it anywhere.

Davis posted an Instagram video reviewing the product in which she said that the clean wasn't too bad, deciding to do another load of makeup applicator laundry after there was still a bit of product on her sponges.

In the YouTube video, Davis says:

"Would I recommend this for everyday use? No. Like I said, this is a toy. This is not a makeup sponge washer. So just be aware of that when you see sites advertising it as that since I posted this video. Note that this is definitely a toy. It's not made for this use at all. But you can use it. And if you're extra like me, and you like super cute, fun, girly gadgets, then you will love this."

If you're looking for a fun new makeup accessory for you and your friends to try, this washing machine is made for you. But nothing gets the job done like cleaning with your own two hands.

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