This woman used eyelash glue to stick her teeth back together every day for four months

This woman used eyelash glue to stick her teeth back together every day for four months

We all love a few multi-purpose makeup hacks – like using lip liner as an eyebrow pencil, lipstick for blush and eyeshadow as highlighter (genius, right?!). But this story will take your appreciation of an underrated makeup product to a whole new level.

The product in question is eyelash glue. And while you know that it's capable of keeping your fake lashes in place all night long while also doubling as an excellent primer for glitter makeup, I doubt it's ever been used to repair broken teeth before. Yet... here we are.

An Australian woman has revealed that she broke her two front teeth four months ago after a bathtub mishap, but only just got them professionally repaired. Given that she's a super influential PR wizz, the 37-year-old knew she had to make do until her appointment came up, and so turned to her trusty eyelash glue to keep her teeth intact.

Roxy Jacenko is based in Sydney, and she described the ordeal that happened at the start of the year. The Sweaty Betty CEO slipped on her wet bathroom floor and unfortunately enough smacked her teeth right onto the edge of the bathtub, cracking her two front teeth in half. While she did post a disheveled (as disheveled as a PR queen gets) selfie at the dental practice back then, it was only this week that she finally got veneers to replace her broken pearly whites.

woman used eyelash glue to stick her teeth back together fix repair broken Credit: Instagram

Roxy told the Daily Mail that she made do in those four months by literally sticking her teeth together with "good old eyelash glue" – her favorite brand offering an adhesive for only $9.

"OMG, can you imagine adhering your teeth with DUO eyelash glue borrowed from the person doing your makeup ahead of a fashion week show," she laughed. "It was funny! And who knew how multipurpose good old eyelash glue actually was!"

Roxy posted a selfie showing off her new smile, and she was clearly relieved that she could finally stop sticking her chompers back together with the glue. "4 months after breaking two of my front teeth in half from falling on to the bath I have teeth again - thank you @dfydental - no longer will I be adhering my teeth with eyelash glue," she wrote, finishing the caption with a crying-laughing emoji.

While it seemed to have lasted over the four months, experts strongly advise not to fix your teeth with eyelash glue. Not just because there could be toxic chemicals in the glue, but also because it will really mess with the alignment of your bite.

"It may get the tooth back together, but it is extremely dangerous because putting it back with glue will add a thickness that needs to be checked by a dentist or else it can cause significant problems to the adjacent teeth," cosmetic dentist Al Kurpis told Allure. "So even though it would put the tooth back together, you may end up with much larger problems in the end."

Yikes. Well, luckily it looks like Roxy managed to avoid those complications and she should be very happy with her new teeth.